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Westbound and Down!

After several unexpected days at the house, we finally have a long trip that will get us out of the East and back towards the West. We pick up our preloaded trailer right here in Belvidere, Illinois Thursday morning and run for 1300 miles!

If you were watching the last few minutes of today’s broadcast, I took you down Irene Road and you saw the old cornfield turning and churning with big earth movers as the prepare to build the newest General Mills plant. This will mean more freight right here in town, and tons of jobs for the locals.

7 thoughts on “Westbound and Down!

  1. Congratulations to you and your community. Exciting.

  2. Good news about the General Mills plant! I’m guessing it may not have too much of an effect for Steve as he mostly hauls reefer loads? Just guessing cereal products wouldn’t need refrigeration? Still a “win” for the locals as related to jobs 🙂 How ironic replacing a corn field with a cereal plant!

    1. Steve does deliver cereal from time to time.

  3. Good to see you’re heading out west… hopefully the load boards are more active there than the east.

    Excited for Belvidere! I can see some reefer loads coming out of the new DC… GM is most known for cereal, but they also have brands such as Pillsbury and Haagen-Daaz that should generate more than a few temperature controlled loads.

  4. Congratulations Steve, the general mills is a distribution facility and not a plant.

  5. Update, Steve is now eastbound and down as the trip to Utah has been cut short due to an emergency run. But Steve will make the overnight run to Dodge City tonight. It is a place where he hasn’t been since late 2020.

  6. I hope this is okay with you Steve
    A very good friend of the family lost her dad a few days ago and my son the truck driver has organized a gofundme page for the final expenses and if you can help them I would be forever greatful. Just look for David Drury Memorial Page. Thank you for letting me post this on their behalf.

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