Well heck?!

Ok, your afternoon update…
We finally got the trailer restored to be safely on the highway. Because we missed both of our delivery appointments today, everything is rescheduled for tomorrow morning and afternoon. No word on our next trip we had lined up, so who knows on that one right now. We moved a little closer to the first delivery location but due to the shortage of Chicago parking and this late in the afternoon, we did what we could. We only have about 60 miles to go and we will leave here about 430am Tuesday. We did try to broadcast the short trip but nothing held signal. I’m guessing something happened to the tower since we tried twice. Guess today was just one of those days…? No fear, we will try this all again tomorrow morning and hopefully we will have an easier day all around! See ya bright and early!

14 thoughts on “Well heck?!

  1. Thanks Steve; I’ll let people know about it some people don’t do Twitter. You’re one fine driver and when you get tired of the road you can start a Truck Driving School

    1. i like the RV road crew better at lest we can still travel and see the road with steve there still states that steve have not taken us yet like maine and deep S FL

      1. Actually he was in the Southwestern corner of the state. Riley is wondering if he would make it to Wilmington which is in the southeastern corner of North Carolina.

  2. hi steve whats up snowman cam wish i been following since you went off air has stop updateing so am this checking in and see how it is going since the tow truck got there

  3. Hey Steve i feel need to just let you know am thinking of you and sorry for troubles of recent days As it wasn’t enough to have flat tires on trailer for delay now on top on that starter went bad today’s further delays.Well just wont you to know i care —This Too Shall Pass.Just some temporary speed bumps Be safe

  4. hi steve are we still doing this trip or not ? all so have they been abele too find the issue with the truck and if they are able too fix it ? all so where are you staying why this wrok on the truck is being done ?

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