Well, FAIL!

So, I pulled the steak from the fridge and noticed it was too big to fit in the pan. I cut it in half. I turned the heat on high added the marinade sauce, and one teaspoon of oil. I had stuff splashing all over everything so i turned it down to medium! I got the outside decent brown, took like 5 -10 minutes, not the 2 minutes the website said….and it was red inside. So as I threw it back to continue cooking, it unfolded! Apparently they fold the meat on top of itself! Once I got that apart, then I could see the middle trying to get no red in it. I wanted to grill the veggies in the pan too, but was afraid I would just burn or make a bigger mess! Anyway, heating the beans and putting it on flour tortillas does not require heat. Here is a photo of the cut up meat (no red, but still wonder if cooked enough to eat) and the veggie plate. Poor attempt, guess I am not cut out for cooking. Perhaps I should leave the fajitas to Applebee’s!?


OH! and when sampling the veggie plate, don’t eat a piece of Garlic! I had no idea garlic was HOT!! Dang, was really hoping my Fajitas would turn out….Oh well, let me eat the goop I made and hope it was cooked enough to be safe? This is alot, and I still have half a brisket raw in the fridge to deal with!! Go ahead and make fun….that is why I put it on the blog.

Some of my other cooking mistakes is when I put a frozen block of brussel sprouts in the microwave….. I sat down in the living room and I started hearing pops. Come to find out, they pop and explode like popcorn! I had green leaves all over the microwave! Another time, I made hamburger helper.  I did read it said BROWN a pound of beef FIRST. Well, the next step says cook with the helper stuff, so I skipped step one and it took more than 30 minutes of cooking before it looked anything other than sloppy soup! Obviously it went down the garbage disposal!

Some folks are good at certain things, some of us are not. MOM! Can ya make BBQ fajitas and lemon pie for me? I’ll be there soon!

Taste Test Update: OK, looks like trash fajitas. I made one, and the meat is spongy, stringy, no red, but I guess it didn’t cook long enough. At least the canned refried beans taste good!