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Wednesday updates

Alright, we made our delivery this afternoon at noon, right on time. We have had several trips given and taken away but think we have a solid plan in place now. We will load first thing in the morning by swapping trailers then making a beeline to our delivery. Once delivered, we will head North for our truck inspection and services.

BTW, this trip we handed out seven Road Crew Medallions! We met Barbara and Jeff in Brush, Colorado, Chris in North Platte, Nebraska, Krista in Lincoln, Nebraska, JD in Des Moines, Iowa, and Mike and Jeff in Hubbard, Ohio!!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday updates

  1. If you had only gone a little more north I would have maybe had a chance at snagging that medallion too! “Next time” as they say. Glad to see you back in PA 😎

    1. Actually, I was hoping I’d pass your way. I know you have been watching and waiting for many years!!

  2. Me too
    Guess we are BOTH very patient 🙂

  3. Hi Steve

    I could be wrong but don’t you mean Thursday updates ? Thursday was the 13th Wednesday was the 12th

  4. I’ve been watching for a few years now, I live in Hubbard, Ohio unfortunately I work until 4pm! haha! Hopefully I’ll catch you next time you swing through Hubbard. Thanks for all the small towns and amazing scenery around America you show along your travels. Be safe!

  5. Clive Truck Stop in Iowa still trying to clear orange dust cloud created with al th blowing out of truck!! Excessive cheetoes dust main cause for pollution==kay just my way of expressing love for you Steve!! So now ==Mash- It !!!

  6. Hello Steve and Road Crew…went to Surfside Beach yesterday with my daughter-in-law and grandson! Was fun but the water was cold and it was windy. Good thing I only walked in the surf. Looking forward to seeing everyone Monday! Hope you can rest while the truck gets attention.

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