Afternoon everyone.  It’s been a rough few days with day and night flipflops, but we got all straightened out now. While we were in a door in Belvidere,  Illinois the other day,  a tornado was sighted and the sirens went off. Tons of rain and high winds. Yesterday,  we pulled into the flying J for the night. Even though it was cloudy, it was dry and calm. I got the Segway and cameras going and we got about 100 feet from the truck when it just dropped buckets of rain!  

We now have dropped off our empty trailer and bobtailed it to the truckstop to wait. The trailer isn’t really supposed to be released until after 8pm. If it is ready earlier,  we might run some today.  If it isn’t ready then we will just go grab it tomorrow morning and run. BTW, Wyoming has been getting slammed with snowstorms the last two days.  Here is a photo from the Wyoming Department of Transportation as they were working to clear Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie where they recorded three feet of snow overnight!  Yeah, somewhere under that mess is an actual highway. Yup, looking like we will see snow on our trip to Utah!

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