Way early! 

Good early Saturday morning to everyone.  Welcome to the Fourth of July weekend.  Yup, I’m up and preparing to hit the highway towards Kansas City and Edwardsville to make our delivery.  Right now we are literally minutes away from completing our 34 hour restart and will start all over with a fresh set of 70 hours to use. Lastnight I got our next trip and it is a great one that will get us miles and keep the wheels rolling throughout the weekend.  

You folks may or may not be aware that I made a second YouTube channel so we have a place to put all of the non driving videos.  Since folks did enjoy the Truckstop Activities stream, we will do others as I can. Here’s the important part: in order to be notified when one of those streams start, you must subscribe to the BigRigTravels Sidetracks Channel. I will broadcast any non driving videos directly there. Why there? So many of the BigRigTravels Video Vault Channel subscribers were expecting me to drive when the stream started! I do believe I have it set up so it also sends out Twitter and Facebook notices.

If you are out driving this weekend,  make sure you keep yourself in high alert for all the drivers that arent paying attention,  texting, or in too big of a hurry to get to the lakes and picnics. Guess what? Time to get coffee and start working on our new hours! Woohoo!