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Wasted weekend

Well… everytime I thought about updating the blog yesterday, things kept changing. We had multiple trips lined up. Then shop delays. Then they took us out of shop status so we could do these important trips, but then, other people said no. So another set of trips came along but we couldn’t do anything because we weren’t allowed out of the yard! Hey, it was the weekend. Ever noticed that weekends are when our biggest challenges happen?

Currently, the truck actually IS in the shop. Don’t know what plans or trips will remain until we get cleared from shop status…

14 thoughts on “Wasted weekend

  1. Thanks for the update Steve! 😀👍🏻 I was thinking it was just shop delays but it seems there was a lot more going on!

  2. Thanks so very much for the Monday morning update! Things were confusing!

  3. Thank you for the update Steve.
    Do they put you up in a hotel during this time? And I hope they keep your freezer running with all your food

    1. No hotel, we sleep in the truck and when it is actually being worked on, we wait in the breakdown. The freezer gets plugged in to the big battery pack that we did the review about

  4. Hello Steve — Seems that you take things in stride real well. I need to work on that for myself. You teach me a lot about how to handle situations by an attitude that seems very intuitive for you. Thank you for sharing how you accept things that come your way. What’s cool about your site is— sure it’s about trucking, but it’s also about situations, traffic, delays and how Big Rig Steve sees the world though the windshield of a Freightliner Cascadia. Thank you for the update.

  5. Well I tried to stay up but couldn’t make it. Also set my alarm for your listed starting time, but shut it off. I figured I could catch up today some time. You must be more than frustrated and I’ll leave that there. I know what I would be saying.

  6. You need to check the weekend crew’s job descriptions to make sure somebody (Aunt J?) didn’t sneak a “make driver’s life interesting” in there…

  7. I have followed you since 2008 and have observed the patience you have.
    You are a good person 🙂

    1. Hey, Dano

      1. Howdy
        Still hanging out in the Sun Shine in Arizona enjoying my grandkids. They are teenagers now 🙂

    2. Come get your Medallion next time I’m in Phoenix

      1. Email me when you get to the truck stop. I will try to hook up with you

  8. What is the heading/name of the video where Steve was at the loader talking to viewers and there were jets flying above every few minutes. I want to finish looking at that. But, can not locate that is my watch history on You Tube.

  9. Hi Steve! I started watching your videos in early May, while you were on that last trip west along I-80 from Des Moines through Omaha and points west. At the time, I was quarantined for having Covid and found your videos to be very comforting and inspiring. I grew up in the Beckley/Princeton area where you’ve passed through twice this week! It was interesting to see weirdo in the ditch (Sasquatch). Your patience and good judgement are admirable, especially for situations like when that little car cut you off at very close in the road construction at Beckley.. and almost became the top local news story this past Saturday night. Great job on being so alert and setting an excellent example!

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