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OK, we have arrived in Kenly to get our trailer washed out for our next shipper… On the way out of the delivery location there was a cop with his car pointed at us. We drove past him and he turned around and tailgated me all the way out of town. He never put his lights on, nor pass when he had multiple chances to. Was that was his way of making a trucker roll on out of his town? Who knows. So, we are on Interstate 95 heading Northbound when we pass a pickup pulling a pretty fancy motorboat not really paying attention. We keep our distance but give up and pass him. We pass and I see him texting on his phone. It is bad enough to text period, but with that bright screen, I am sure his eyes could not adjust too easily between the dark road and bright phone screen! If that wasn’t bad enough, we later passed a big rig that had just passed us a few minutes earlier. Now he has his flashers on and going side to side. I watch and wait then pass him. Guess what I saw him doing? He had every interior light on with a big road atlas spread out on the steering wheel! Guess he thought it was okay since he put his flashers on? Again, I am sure it is hard for anyone’s eyes to go back and forth between bright lights inside and dark night driving. OK, our turn in the washbay, just in time. Now, I need to figure out how to best use my driving hours to arrive on time at the next shipper at the loading time and have enough hours to get done and cover some ground. I’m still aggravated lol. I think I am seeing more and more drivers doing more stupid stuff. Isn’t anybody concerned at all about what could happen???