Washout and free lunch!

Good Sunday morning to all. If you were watching the broadcast Saturday and sat in line with us while we were waiting to get the trailer washed out at the Blue Beacon in Haw River, North Carolina, you got a glimpse of “the food dude”. Actually, that was a man named Brett and he walked up to the truck and handed us a free lunch! I got out and talked with him a bit and found out that he and his family made 100 meals and were handing them out to the truckers. While truckers are rolling throughout the nation to restock store shelves and rush medical supplies to where they are needed, folks such as Brett and his family are keeping the truckers fed and rolling as well. On behalf of all the truckers you and your family have fed on Saturday, I sincerely thank you! I appreciate you and your family for looking out for us.

20 thoughts on “Washout and free lunch!

  1. Lots of wonderful people in this world. Thanks to them for feeding you and thanks to you for doing your best to keep our country going.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  2. What an awesome thing to do. A big thank you goes out to Brett and his family and all the others for putting themselves out there to feed the truckers, and to you, Steve, for giving back.
    Safe travels and God bless.

  3. How amazing is that ?
    Thank you Brett, and thank you Steve for keeping the supply chain moving. Although you are on your own out there, millions of people are thankful for what you do.

  4. I saw Brett and didn’t get to see the whole thing play out but I saw you with a notepad and figured he was just driving the truck in front of you, had heard about BRT, and wanted your autograph! So cool to hear about folks like that. Watching you today go thru Ohio and comment “We’re the only ones out here!” Sure is a different kinda world since only about 2 weeks ago. Thanks fir all your efforts both with this wonderful site we all enjoy + your much needed deliveries.

  5. I used to live in the South and learned quickly that most Southerners are kind, helping, generous folks. I now live in Vermont and things used to be that way. Now, most look out for number one. Was wondering where I might retire to. Brett and his family are making the choice easier. God Bless Brett and his Family, Steve and all the Truckers and the United States.

  6. Reminds me of the story Mister Rogers once told about looking for the helpers in times of crisis. God Bless Brett and his family.

  7. That story Steve lifts my heart and shows how important the truckers like you are out there keeping America stocked with food and our needs!
    At church this morning I prayed for you and all the truckers for what you do. I lit a candle and asked GOD to watch over you.
    Bless Brett and family and others that do the same for us.
    Be well Steve and be safe.
    And the RRC say hi Mr. Steve.

      1. TK.. I am so sorry! I apologize for my error. And as my family ate chicken pot pie..I ate crow.

        1. Mike 1, my friend, no worries. I was not offended. What you did was exactly right in protecting the blog, just like Steve wants.
          I was just goofing around.
          Ok? We’re good, you & me. 😀

  8. Hang in there Steve. Appreciate what you’re doing. Have not been able to watch your live stream for some time now. Again, I’m a physician working in northern California, and it’s been quite a challenge with little free time as you might expect. My brother was a rig driver and he’d take me along with him to Mash It along I-75 from Michigan to south Florida decades ago. But these days, I’m a doctor working with my fellow MD colleagues in California to deal with the virus, and I’m also more specifically working with children/teens/parents in providing therapy support to them whom are all overwhelmed with anxiety as you might expect right now. Stay in the saddle in that wonderful Cascadia of yours and we’ll all get through this one day at a time. Best wishes to you and the entire Road Crew, -TBear (Tony)

    1. You are on the front lines right smack dab in the middle of the battle. Take care of yourself and be very cautious…

      1. You too, Steve. And thank you for being such an important part of the supply chain. We need you, north/south and east/west. So keep rolling on in getting supplies/food across the country. And I’ll keep rolling on at the hospital. No shortage of work here. I’m tired for sure, but I’m not done yet. Time for me to get back at it, because doctors don’t have any sort of 14/70 or the like daily/weekly hour clock limit. There’s no clock reset. You just go. But what’s nice is that when I do have a minute to break away, I can log in here and enjoy your travels as a welcomed distraction. You be safe too, brother….

  9. Need more good stories like this. It’s about community and the strength of community in uncertain times.

  10. A huge thank you to all the truckers! Without you we’d be in a real pickle! Thank you also to our farmers, ranchers, store clerks, medical folks and all others who are still working to keep this country ticking! God bless you all!!

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    1. the mods cannot do the store command because it was deleted. The store info has been totally removed from nightbot …. so nobody is pointing anybody to the store as you claim.

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