Wait! What? Wait.


We have been given a trip to repower and make sure the load gets to it’s destination on time. We will swap trailers with the other driver about 1800 tonight and run the load directly to delivery at midnight. New trip posted.

Good Monday morning. We are still trying to get a new delivery appointment set up. Yes, all the big bosses know the details and so far no word. In the meantime, I have made a new FAQ page and an About page that you can find in the top menu bar. I have also designed a new layout for the 2020 Trip Journal- have a look and see if you like it. These new pages should help new visitors gain some insight into bigrigtravels.com. Also, the new Road Crew Gallery is in the works. As soon as I hear of any delivery updates I will let you know. So happy the sun is out today!!

20 thoughts on “Wait! What? Wait.

    1. Repowering is one truck (and its driver) taking over a trailer from another truck (and its driver). Swapping trailers could therefore be described as a two-way repowering.

  1. Been here, done that. For the longest time I rattled over just what was going on over at your receiver. The phones in the warehouse/delivery docks off? Sunday and now Monday.

    Wanna have a money pool? …. I was going over my contract knowledge. It still doesn’t make sense. If this shipment is prepaid you could say rejected shipment then you bring it back. If its collect or the customer is yours, then the freight belongs to the receiver, they would want it. Then dumb old Gordie takes a look at the calendar. No phone. Oh oh. You Steve, friend are caught in an annual accountants corporate inventory. Its gotta be inventory. Betcha the receiver was happy about that …. sort of. He moves your cargo to Intransit inventory and doesn’t have to count it.
    … This happened to me a couple of times and I was doing courier work. The package said Rush rush. But the inventory controller said no no no. Once I had to wait three days before I could dump the stuff. Love…. INVENTORY day.

  2. Its the load that is repowered, not the driver. First driver, for whatever reason, couldn’t deliver in the agreed on window of time.
    So another driver (in this case, Steve) has the power and time to make it & chunk it in the window. gigglols

  3. Hi Steve,

    You are right about weekends. I my business also if something happens between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, often the proper corrections don’t happen until Monday afternoon… usually because the client holds off notifying until Sunday night or Monday morning.

    Here’s a question for you. When you get a long delay like this one, how does it affect your various ‘on the road’ clocks?

    Happy New Year! Hope this year blesses you with positive surprises.

    – V.O.

    1. We are not using any clocks yet. In fact, since we have been sitting 34+ hours, we now completed a 34 hour restart. We have gained back a full 70 hours

  4. Well I must say at least we have a load and we can roll with it. Then tomorrow we will get to drive in the day time, love all your videos Steve. Be safe out there on that super highway

  5. You’re in my old stomping grounds of Lakewood/Westlake/Rocky River. I was raised for seven years of my beginning life in a place called Crocker Park which is off Detroit and Bay Village RD not too far off from where you’re at now. Really enjoyed seeing your childhood home in San Diego, I bet it brought back lots of memories.

  6. Things never change you had issues with the last trip now here we are issue with the. New trip Why can you just. Come back from vacation with a trip with no issues at all. ? Any way hop thing get sorted out quickly with the delivery

    1. Okay Steve lets put the blame where it all lays at—Clives is at fault.With his faulty navigational skills it has seepred over to affecting your delivery problems Enough said-but that being said —Mssh-IT is still in sight to achieve!!!

  7. You got it there on time. Great job. Wrong date? WTF. What’s the delivery date on the Bill of Lading? Ugghhh I feel for ya. Been there. I hate Inventory time. And I’m retired.

    And at any other time you could park the trailer on their property. But during inventory, its not allowed to be on the property.

  8. Hope this issue with the wrong date gets sorted out and you can get back on the road soon.

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