Wait then run fast!

Good morning. Just a reminder we are sitting waiting to make our first delivery today at noon or so. Sure, it would have been great to deliver early yesterday but they had no earlier appointments. We won’t broadcast again until after the delivery today. You can always see my status on the green highway trip sign. Our second delivery was scheduled for 7pm friday but that has now been changed to a drop and hook. This means the plan now is to make our first delivery then run straight to North Platte, Nebraska to drop the final delivery tonight. This will free us up for our next trip as early as friday morning….

5 thoughts on “Wait then run fast!

  1. Steve! Yes, it would have been nice to have delivered yesterday. Customer wants what the Customer wants. Take care and safe travels

  2. Did this “layover” have enough hours in it to give a 34 hour restart?
    Nice you can just drop at the next delivery 🙂
    Thanks for the excellent view this past stay and the live truckstop footage!

  3. looks like im running into either loading , unloading or breaks , whenever i try to watch lately … 🙁

  4. hi steve i noted that when you where back in iowa getting on the on ramp you said some in that you may think about turning the truck in

    dos that mean you where thinking on turning it in for a brand new truck or turning it in too have it work on why you are on time off ???

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