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VTOMAN X6 Pro Review of the 150PSI portable Inflator

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[Versatile & 1MIN Fast Inflation] With 4+N modes, this powerful air pump can inflate a wide range of objects, including car tires, motorcycles, bicycles, balls and more. It can inflate tires (e.g. 205/55 R16) with a pressure between 28-35psi in just 1 minute(30L/Min). Only takes 57s (0-45psi) to inflate a mountain bike(26 inches). So you no longer need to buy air at gas stations.

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[Fast Charging with Auto-Shutoff Function] With a 7500mAh high-capacity battery and a Type-C 18W input port, this portable air compressor for car tires can be charged quickly and efficiently(40% faster than others). Automatic shutdown feature helps conserve battery life when not in use. And stay connected for a whole year with our device’s 12-month standby capability! [

Tire Pressure Detection & Automatic Stop at Default Value] The smart air pump comes with intelligent controls and a 3-inch easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the tire pressure, allowing you to set your preferred value or choose to keep the default value (e.g. car preset values is 36psi). Once the default value is reached, the digital inflator automatically stops. It’s incredibly easy to use and especially suitable for the elderly.

[Multi-functional Design] This device not only functions as a powerful air pump but also has a 7500mAh power bank with a USB output port and emergency lights two modes (flashlight and strobe light). Not only will you be pumping up in the dark, but this will make it an essential tool for any outdoor adventurer. Its multi-purpose design means you can always keep it in your car and use it whenever you need it.

[Ergonomic Design & Portability] The X6 Pro Cordless Air Pump for Car Tires features a perfect blend of ergonomic design, compactness (7.3*2.7*2.7 inches), portability (1.7 lbs), and aesthetic appeal. You can take the smart air pump in your backpack, pocket, and car center console and take it out for use anytime. The handheld air compressor even in extreme temperatures (-20-60 ºC / -4-140ºF).Very convenient especially if you live in cold climates where air pressure drops on very cold days.

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