Well for the last several years I have had 1,000 videos sitting archived on my laptops and hard drives. I have tried to load them up to YouTube for a longtime, but with so many, it was a big task. Well, I finally loaded up the last archived video from 2011! Now, everything is on my YouTube channel, but I am still 750 or so that are not opened and published. Well, keep an eye out because that is what I am trying to catch up on now! You will have so many new (and archived videos) coming available on the channel, you will have plenty of driving to look back on. Heck, when I was reviewing the videos the older ones (2011/2012) brought back memories and places we have not been to since! Take a look and try to keep up as I release more! As of right now, we have 2,298,861 views and 4,544 subscribers all thanks to you! On the leftside of the blog you can get a view of the last 50 newest videos….or just visit the BigRigTravels Channel! Right now, there are more than 1700 videos to choose from! Just use search to find a certain place, or keep watching the “recent uploads” section. Keep in mind the older archived videos ran only 5-10 minutes but then the newer dated ones ran as much as an hour. When I start recording again, I will be making the longer ones again.