Well we arrived at the shop Wednesday to get all of our truck services accomplished. While we were scheduled for Wednesday, the shop boss informed me we wouldn’t get in the shop until Friday morning. They did take the truck at 6am today and have been working on it. They did find a bad cab shock mount and are replacing that as well. We did get our restart finished so as soon as they release the truck we can see where our next trip takes us.

11 thoughts on “Uugh

  1. Hope you get a nice trip heading southwest. By the way, I don’t know who updates the Visited Counties map, but the counties between Winnemucca, NV and Salt Lake City, UT should be in this years color.

    1. Good catch. The counties should be this year’s color unless Steve has developed the ability to fly.

  2. Hi Steve glad that they are finally working on it. Hope that they kept your freezer running while you were waiting so you didn’t lose any of your frozen foods. Can’t wait for the next trip hopefully back to the west coast.

  3. I like the truck over in Honolulu on the current trip map Steve 🙂 ; That is a great place for it to get some much needed 100k rest. Thanks again for the key chain, flashlight, and FLC Long Nose Truck Model too.

    See you on the road soon!

  4. well at least you get to relax a little, i know links are bad so i just left it in my post comment over here at yrcw i bump the dock here in south chicago heights, and all the drivers use this site to watch free tv with no downloading just click and watch all you best channels, hope you see you soon on the road, thank you for all that you do for all of us http://www.ustvgo.tv

  5. You know when the guys in the shop are doing a bang up job on the truck when you hear OUCH MY EYE! 🙂
    See ya on the road soon.

  6. About time for a ride across the top—Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. It is lonely up there this time of year but a beautiful ride. I love the great hat and hat pin.


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