Utah on Tuesday

Howdy from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I figured I would stop here today after 400+ miles since we only have about 400+ left and cannot deliver until Tuesday morning anyway. Nice sunny day around here but still a bit chilly and of course the winds are just blowing and howling…..

8 thoughts on “Utah on Tuesday

  1. I enjoy your cab view and updates Steve! I am a TV Editor for the HGTV show ‘House Hunters’, and for years have watched various webcams around the world in a corner of my screen
    as I edit in my ‘edit cave’. I’ve recently discovered your channel and really enjoy traveling around the US with you. The road and scenery provide a nice mental break as I work to meet my
    deadlines. Happy Travels!

    1. Excellent news! Glad you enjoy the BigRigTravels website and streams. Climb aboard everyday of the week! 🙂

  2. Steve! Yes, chilly and windy! Just like here in Vegas right now! Where you are, it’s colder there than It is here. But, at least you are not in that snow storm. You left just in time. Thank goodness for that. Just stay warm. Eat some soup. That will keep you warm. Have a Good nights sleep and safe travels.

  3. I always look forward to the Sunday video. Fast becoming a tradition for me. This one, on Palm Sunday, was especially touching. Seems, no matter where we are, what part of the country, whether behind the wheel of a big rig, or at home, an old retired guy like me, or anything in between, we have a chance to stop and reflect on the real meaning of our lives and the gifts we have been given, and the cost of those gifts.

    1. Thanks John for your very thoughtful comment.On BRT we have some opportunities to joke and have our thoughts expressed by the live chats It is very interesting and i find this to be the very best live site.Having said all that its also good to have some serious moments on here.Again thanks for comment John I have benefited by comment

  4. Good evening/Morning Steve, Dont kn ow if youll see this or not, but just thought a a great little game for maybe of of your next trips to one of the truckstops, after you arrive there and park your truck in amid all of the other ones, when your row of trucks gets all filled up, if possible go out a try to get the WIDEST shot as possible of all of the trucks from the front, and the object of the games would be if one of your loyal viewers, can actually Pick out your truck from the hopefully HUGE line of other trucks that are parked next to you and for the person that Might be able to pick out your truck wins a SPECIAL prize, How does that sound? Thanks Steven….

    1. Andrew i appreciate your interest but Steve is a professional trucker with a serious job in delivering goods safe and timely.He lets us ride along and enjoy his trips with him.Having said that i dont want this BRT site to become just another rigged reality show with cheap gimmicks and staged events–I/E Ice Road Truckers–strange how camera there when slide off road occurs as example of rigged show Steve just keep on keeping on If aint broke–dont fix Take Care

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