US Highway 97

Good late morning to all. We have been dragging our feet this morning since our loading appointment isn’t until 1pm Pacific.  I called about loading earlier but they said no since the product we haul won’t even be available until then. Since we have never been on this  section of highway 97 from Biggs Junction, I looked at the Verizon Data Tower coverage map for the area and there are many places with zero coverage.  Because of this, I have decided I will hard record the drive from Biggs Junction,  Oregon to Sunnyside,  Washington. Recording enables me to have a higher resolution video and not worry about signal dropouts and  since it will be archived,  it will be available for all of us  to enjoy! You can still follow my progress on the website by watching the GPS tracking , progress bar, and of course the snowman still camera.  Once we get loaded , we can try broadcasting as we head out.

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