Update on truck

The dealership told us this morning that the truck would be ready later this afternoon.  As we were checking out of the hotel,  they moved out completion to tomorrow morning.  They are doing newly required recalls and as a precaution they will keep it tonight.  They are actively working on it so just have patience.  I don’t have any further details at this time.

20 thoughts on “Update on truck

  1. New or used you can have problems. Best to get the problems taken care of now. We will be waiting calmly without complaining

  2. What a difference good service makes!!! Too many businesses take their customers for granted lately. Glad you got to a good company that treats their customers well this time.

  3. Better safe than sorry…..The shop keeping the truck an extra night will give them more time to make sure everything is working properly…..No point in them rushing the truck out of the shop before everything is addressed.

    Addressing the issues in the recall notifications now might avoid mechanical issues or breakdowns later.

  4. We will be waiting for you when the truck gets fixed. In the mean time catch up on the things you need to and rest as well, enjoy your down time. Catch ya when you’re mobile again.

  5. Thanks for the updates Steve. It’s great this time your getting the customer service you should get. Hope the time off has allowed you to get good rest and projects you wanted to get caught up on, accomplished. God bless

  6. Good evening Morning Steve, just wanted to say thaanks for the update about the truck and glad to heaqr that its going to be ready in the morning, quick fix this time
    I also wanted to ask yu if I may, I know that you always let us know about those Amazon links that you put on your site here but also saw that there is a Tire Rack link there as well and just wanted to as if I may, is that one yours as well, cause I always get my racing tires now from Tire Rack and if this is yours as well as the Amazon Links, I can use that for my next set of tires and help you out a bit as well, please let me know, and once again, glad to hear the truck will be ready again sometime tomorrow……

  7. The new truck seems haunted by the ghost of floor donut past. 😔 I hope they get their rear in gear and get you safely back on the road 🤗

  8. Ugh! You must be feeling like an over-stretched rubber band right about now, Steve! At least you’re getting a good rest. See you on the road!

  9. Hello Steve sure hope now all wrinkles in truck will be ironed out and all gets fixed Was wondering about big low boy double rig parked on last video on home page.Sure looks weird jus am wondering what that giant equipment in blue is used for?? thanksain advice for answer anyone???

  10. hello steve
    after all these problems I’ve been wondering since you have this new truck why did not you get a whole new one?

  11. I assume that tractors lose value once they leave the dealer same as automobiles. As a business paying the brand new premium makes no sense since a Diesel Tractor is known for longevity having 50K miles is just breaking it in. Steve has told us that it was bad fuel the last week. So if it had a brand new truck it would not made any difference. I am sure when he gets back on the road he will let us know what happened this time. Just happy for him that he has been treated as the professional he is.

  12. hi steve

    are you still loading at the shipper? all so even no you did not need a 34hr restart where you able to do a 34hr restart with the down time ? with the truck?

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