Up and down and up and down…

Boy, today was a long day for sure as we left Denver this morning and hauled up and over the Rockies and then the numerous steep grades in Utah. I know we are behind on updating the Trip Journal but most likely I can do it tomorrow after our delivery. If I got the laptop out now, it’d be another “up until midnight” thing and we can’t do that. No fantastic steak creations fonight; just chicken breast cut up on hamburger buns and a pickle.
I decided to walk across the street here from the truckstop in Richfield, Utah and snapped this among others…

14 thoughts on “Up and down and up and down…

  1. hi steve

    how many miles did we end up doing today ? all so it looks like some in hit your driver side window so please do for get be for pulling out wed AM too wash it off

    1. It is about 466 miles. That is pretty good time given that the Rockies are a truck driver’s worst nightmare.

  2. slow drive threw them rockies used to live in Colorado 🙂 brings back memories watching your stream drive threw the state keep on trucking great job keep up the great work

  3. Another beautiful photo Steve, and I love the horses in the foreground. Definitely was a long day for you, hopefully this beautiful view will help you unwind a bit so you can get some rest. Safe travels always, I know the schedule is tight for this trip.

  4. Fabulous picture … as well as the trip thus far! Love the scenery as you go thru the snow covered mountains in Colorado.
    Love it love it and thanks for the walkabout you did too at the rest stop/viewing area.

  5. I always enjoy these trips to California. The beautiful Colorado Rockies and then Utah, the deserts, Las Vegas and the Mojave of course. nice pic there in Utah. Sorry, I could never live anywhere but in the Rockies…..nice photo Steve.

  6. Welcome back too my state Steve been a long time it seems would love if you could get a trip too Sonora CA so I can meet you I feel like roost beef lol I would love too get my self added too the road crew meet up page

    All so there a lot of cool places you can take your Segway thing around there one small issue there is no truck parking here you would have too head back down too the valley for truck parking. If you ever came up here

  7. Steve this is about you and not us but just want to tell of odd moment i had once.Since coffee is big item of interest on trips want to tell you–drove for lumber co delivery. Boss came out to give instructions set coffee cup on fender.He forgot it and when i got to delivery destination cup still on fender not a drop spilled.was 30 minute trip Okay just wanted to say hello Steve

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