Man, today is really going to be all messed up with daylight driving hours simply because the delivery lastnight was a joke. Totally and completely dumb. They took 7 hours to unload us…just enough time to use up my drive time yet not long enough to get a fresh start. I am so aggravated at the delivery folks it isn’t even funny. To check in the guard gate, you have to park on the street. Then walk up to the guard. Wait in line. If you are try to check in before 5 minutes early,  you get sent back out. If you drive up first, you get turned around.  So, basically the way it works is you walk up 5 minutes early.  Wait in line. Guard approves you to go back to your truck and pull up to driveway. Wait in line of other truckers coming in. Park in driveway. Wait in line again.  Check in at the guard. Roll onto property,  park behind building,  check in the long line at receiving office. They call when they have a door. We got in a door 2.5 hours after our appointment,  started being unloaded about 4 hours past appointment time, then told to vacate door, park in back of building for lumper to count and call us to write a check. Total nonsense garbage. Now, our drive time is royally messed up for the next delivery…. All because some places are so messed up. What is the point of demanding I show up on time if it really doesn’t matter on their end??? OK. We will do what we can. Not a happy camper here today.  Oh, and just to show ya how dumb this place is, truckers cannot buy a soda or use any vending machines on the premises.  Stupid.