Many years ago,  I was spending the night in a Nevada truckstop out in the boonies. I looked up and watched about ten wild horses just waltz through the middle of the truckstop!  For whatever reason , I have no video of it happening.  Only that one time have I ever seen horses in a truckstop – until tonight. I just happened to look up and saw two horses, this time with riders and not wild and free, roaming through a truckstop. This time I did snap a pic. But then, I also noticed a man just laying down in front of his truck.  True, he has been doing stretching exercises for the last few hours, but still a unique sight.  Earlier tonight, I got two chili cheese dogs and large sweet ice tea for free because I had to wait for them to refill the cheese container. Yup, something different about this truckstop tonight! Oh, and almost forgot about the Pit bull mix dog in the truck beside us. The dog is/was wearing a big blue diaper!  Yes, I’m serious.  I did take a few pics, but he moved around too fast.

Long day tomorrow as we roll right to the delivery in New York, drop and swap trailers,  then get to the next shipper asap. Let’s get some sleep.  More unique adventures await us Friday morning!

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