Twin Deliveries

Morning! This morning’s drive started out pretty decent – at least until we tried to get fuel at the Love’s truckstop.  That was supposed to be our fuel location but it kept telling me I wasn’t authorized to fuel there. I called the fuel folks and they reset everything and still it wouldn’t let us get fuel.  After we left there, we took an extended unplanned trip through the backroads of Pennsylvania to reach our first delivery.  Our second delivery will be immediately following the first at a location just five miles down the road so we will just scoot over there without broadcasting. You can still watch the status updates though….

5 thoughts on “Twin Deliveries

  1. Hey Steve thanks for the scenic tour enjoyed it glad you made it. Hopefully this next trip after Allentown will allow for more hrs, and not as much rush, and no snow

  2. hi steve i hop all is well with you am surprised that you may or may not want too take the next trip has the load would not be ready tell monday i was thinking that this would now be a good time for a 34hr restart and with with the load not be getting ready tell monday it would all so give you 2 days off of driveing too where you can rest up some and may be have a little fun ? i think your getting a good deal here killing two birds with one stone A you would get a 34hr restart in and B you get too have the weekend off of no driveing and you did say you w where planing on takeing a few days off around the 1st of DEC so this would be right on time

    1. Well, a 34 restart would happen when I take my 4 days off. So, if I sit 2 days now, then drive one day for the trip, then take my 4 days off, I go a whole week with no pay. Not to mention, another big snowstorm is due in and I’d rather not sit until it shows up then roll

  3. ? sound good steve by the way do you have too be in your truck in order for the 34hr restart too count ?

  4. Galesburg has a mall where you could enjoy yourself. Too bad they couldn’t have your load ready today so you could beat the storm again. Have a good day.

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