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True or False?

Good evening from Odessa, Nebraska on this April Fool’s Night. True or False? That seems to be the question here lately.

Whenever I try to enhance the website or improve anything I always get notes, emails, and comments from folks that like something better or hate it, or completely misunderstand what I was even trying to do. Case in point, this new app is only in it’s second day of real world usage, yet the responses range from they love the changes to it is absolutely the worst thing in the world. LOL, Now, how do I figure out what is really good or bad in that case? Yes, I do value everyone’s input since you guys see and know what is going on with the broadcast while I am driving, but let’s look at what we have learned in just the last two days…..

One, the custom app IS capable of broadcasting in decent quality with additional information that should make everyone happy and eliminate the million times a day questions of where is he?, what time it is there?, what is this altitude? and of course the most asked question (despite our maps and website being available) WHERE IS HE?

True, the text colors need work. True, the whole app needs refinement (which only comes from real world testing), and the buffer handling needs to be looked at closer. But, for the second day, it really isn’t bad. I et a graph of viewers for every minute on any stream as well as a graph for how well we held signal. Comparing the old and new streams graphs data, they are pretty much the same with a few exceptions. The new app will NOT remove all buffers, period. I am convinced quite a few folks feel that it should or would. Fact is, uploading video from a mobile device is the very lowest priority on a data tower. Of course, congestion, mountains, etc all play in the formula as well. Believe it or not, so does the weather and even time of day. Yes, even with the old apps, the late afternoon always caused more buffers than morning in the exact same areas! New app or old app, the same fundamental problem still exists.

The old app would go to a black screen when no signal was around, and then the audio had trouble catching back up afterwards. This new app handles it differently by trying to still push up any image or pixel available if possible, cutting audio and then come back 100% live once a good signal returns. It’s simply a different way of handing buffer times. Yes, we will continue to look into improving this.

On another note, the old snowman app we have been using for 8 years has been out of production for the last 5 years! We made it work way longer than the expected lifecycle ever intended! Then add the 5 year old phone and it sure didn’t help matters any. Now, with our new custom app, the new and improved snowman image program has come back to life and is fully reliable – and it works great – from the same single app! No more does it take two phones, two apps to accomplish what we did in the past.

So, before you guys just throw in the towel and discount everything that BRT is trying to do just because it isn’t perfect, just remember, we have made a whole slew of advancements and improvements over the last 13 years and not a single one of them ever worked perfectly out of the box since we adapted them to our website and basically do what many, many people have told me we can’t do. We are the longest running trucker-broadcaster website in the world – for a reason – and that ya’ll, is Fact!

26 thoughts on “True or False?

  1. I like the app and all the information. My only suggestion as I emailed you about, would be to change the text color to yellow. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. I think the new app is great. Just has the minor buffering issues which was expected. I’m sure it’ll get better over time

  3. hi Steve

    I think some of the road crew that normal like watching on the stream lab will need too learn have too have some patience has this is a new app your using for the phone and your still working out the tweaks with the new app but once all the bugs are work out I think this will be grate but it will take time for us too get there so I ask all the road crew too please have some patience has this is all brand new

    me I really love the new look I been watching since nov 16th 2016 and this is a major upgrade for Steve we this now need too work out the bugs and do a little tweaking and it will be grate

    all so Steve I have a request can you please please please add please check your video setting Nightbot Command

    all so may be there should be a mew night bot command that will explain in more detail on how where doing live video steaming now and may be it can all so warn user on the chat has well that this is a new app and you can expect a few bugs that’s being work out so its not going be 100% perfect for the time being just a idea

    1. I’d really like to wait on adding more commands at this time until I get to the point of editing out all the irrelevant commands, etc. A command that explains everything certainly won’t fit in the 2 lines we get to use. Besides, if everything is all commands, why am I even bothering with a website for?

      1. Hi Steve

        Ok. Sounds good but could you please add please check your live status night bot
        command ?

        1. David, there is no need to have Steve make a Nightbot command that says to check our ‘Live’ status after buffering. I am assuming that’s what you mean. The new app immediately brings us back to Live status after buffering, there are no longer any lagging behind or syncing issues like we had with Streamlabs. Hope this helps answer your question, David.

          1. I think he means buffering caused by a computer system’s slowdown.

  4. Some people try to offer constructive criticism, while others just like to be critical. Folks should not expect things to be perfect “out of the box” ’cause nothing ever is. It is obvious that you and your team put a lot of time and effort into making BRT better, which is hard to do with something that is already so good. You can rest assured that the vast majority of the road crew really appreciate your efforts. Thank you for letting us ride along.

    1. Could not agree more with your comments sir, as they say you
      can please most of the people most of the time but you can’t
      please all the time.
      Happy Easter to everyone.

  5. I think the new app is a vast improvement. Buffers will always exist. People seem to think that mobile phones work on some kind of magic. Reality is that a lot of factors can influence the quality and availability of a signal. How the new app deals with the buffers is way better than it used to be. In the past it used to just keep buffering and I’d just switch to another video for a bit and than switch back to get video again. Or it would go to 144 quality and not switch back. Which can be fixed manually, but is still annoying. Or even worse, it would switch to 144 quality while YouTube said it was on 720. So than changing the setting made no difference.
    Now however, when the signal is poor, you get a bit of pixelated video for a while, but it switches back to proper 720 as soon as a decent signal is available. And with audio in sync, which also wasn’t nearly always the case.
    The text is not always perfectly legible. But as anyone who’s had any experience with titles in video knows, that is quite a difficult thing to get right in all possible circumstances. A different color might work in some cases, but usually not in all cases. Anyway that was my 2 cents worth. Hope to be joining you on the road again and enjoy riding along, as I have done for the past 3 years.

  6. Hey Steve!! Avoid the naysayers!! I’m sure not one of the crew knows exactly how much time and effort you put into the production of BRT. New app is fine and you will get it fine tuned. Safe travels from your crew in NH!!

  7. Some people seem to expect to be able to sit back and let the world entertain them on their own terms. They nitpick every little thing and are never satisfied even when somebody bends over backwards to try to make them happy.

    Steve is working very hard on upgrades to his website and improvements to his broadcasts. We get to ride along on his journeys and see many places and sights that we might never see in person on our own.

    Constructive criticism is one thing, but complaining just for the sake of complaining does not help matters at all and does a disservice to Steve’s hard work.

  8. Steve,
    I think the new app is going to turn out to be the greatest development ever and I say to everyone who has complained or is complaining to one be patient and give it a chance and two realize Steve does this so we can see the beauty of America live without being there. voluntarily (is that a word?) Anyways I support your changes Steve and look forward to the tweaking. It’s gonna be great!

  9. Steve is not allowed to remove his speedometer from his truck. It’s part of the experience.
    Some want a movie. Some want the total experience.
    Sure people can look up location, but miss the next five towns because they come by fast and closing screen and looking every one up is exhausting.
    And the same with elevation. Fascinating to watch it climb without exiting YouTube.
    I had to change my settings to script to see it all.
    But the writing seems to have turned into ghost color and difficult to read on concrete.

  10. Steve,
    Here is my humble opinion, I love the new APP, I tend to watch 90% of the time on my TV and don’t have the chat on or the computer on to access the website to look up the map. Look at it like this, is it the same ole people complaining to you who always complain, if so ignore it complainers complain. If not people may have valid reasons for there complaints, but for me I love it!!!! Stay Safe

  11. No complaints here! I’m just thankful that you take the time to share your journeys with us so those of us who work at desks can travel vicariously with you throughout the day.

  12. I have yet to see the stream stop and Steve pulling off the highway to restart it.

    Am I speaking too soon?

  13. Hi all right I come to say that the new video is great excellent with all the information on the screen you are to be congratulated. my suggestion that you put a small black stripe at the bottom of the video black where the white letters would be more highlighted. Put it at the top of the video and at the bottom this is the tip I give you. The new video is great, congratulations.

  14. Thanks for the improvements, Steve! Like ‘em, love ‘em, want more of ‘em!

    Off subject, but I’ve been wondering if there is a reason why truckers (like the one waiting in line at Arby’s, etc., that “provided” your 30 minute break the other day at the Indiana Love’s) can’t phone in an order for food to be picked up when they finish their fueling, or whatever? Seems they could call while driving in, or as soon as they get there, to shorten the wait time, at least.

    1. They could call it in. They could even go park. But nobody ever does lol

      1. Sign of the times. Such is life! lol

        1. hA hA, indeed its a “me first” world, rules for “thee but not me”
          Selfish hearts.
          Can only be changed by the power of God.
          Wait…He doesn’t change them, they’re unfixable. He gives NEW hearts!

  15. i will say steve love the work that you do for us. i will never complain. you offer us so much quality for free. i think many folks like to complain cause its human nature to be negative.
    the only thing that i think needs work on is the display color its a bit hard to read its too light with the background if possible a darker color would be best or maybe a brighter white or thicker text.
    its not a complaint i can see it okay just is too light.
    anyways be safte as usual out there . and thanks for the videos and website

  16. I like the new app. Only one suggestion at the bottom where the the city and state are listed, abbreviate the state and add the road or interstate. Steve you are doing a very find job. I enjoy watching BRT it provides me the chance to see places that I haven’t been to in the U.S. It feels like I am right there in the truck going down the road and getting to know all the different places.

    1. The highway sign is on our website

  17. Very late comment to say — thanks, Steve! Appreciate everything you do to improve things for your Road Crew!

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