Truckstop Review 2/16/18

Not much for parking at this truckstop,  but it does have everything you might need including a river and parks just a few feet away if you find yourself with some extra time. The parking lot for trucks is a small dirt lot across the street.

They are open 24/7 which is surprising for such a small town. The food prices seem very high with a regular salad priced at $6.49! Decent selection of food, but no sit down restaurant here.

This is my second time to stay here and both times the customer service was great. Good quiet place to stay the night.

5 thoughts on “Truckstop Review 2/16/18

  1. Not so much of a Stinker.. I’m sorry, the name of the store the truckstop made me laugh. Some of these out of the way places you go to have some pretty humorous titles.

  2. Pretty high prices for food or parking and stuff could be in a extra category to maybe decrease the overall rating. It’s quite an important fact, especially these days. Are the truck stops really almost perfect each time? Lucky you…

      1. Good thing. There are some real hole in the wall dumps I’ve been where I’d rather go in the woods and take my chances versus getting herpes.

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