Truckstop Report 2/15/18

Good location on the Westside of Snowqualmie Pass and about 30 miles outside of Seattle.

The parking lot is medium sized with plenty of room to manuver into a spot. About half of the parking is paid parking at a cost of $17.00. Lot is clean and well lit.

I ordered the 12oz prime rib dinner with loaded baked potato. The steak was cooked perfectly and had great taste! Good waitress who paid attention. The Country Pride restaurant is not actually inside the truckstop but is in a different building next door.

8 thoughts on “Truckstop Report 2/15/18

  1. Nice photo of foggy mountains with the glittering TA sign in the front.
    Hmmm… and the steak looks juicy, yummy 🙂
    I’m curious, which truck stop will be the first with BRT rating 5. Its something like Michelin Guide for truckers;-)


    When it says “Welcome We are currently Broadcasting LIVE!” ON THE AIR and I click on the video it shows a nighttime dark scene. The time is now 7:40 AM, its light everywhere in the US. This has happened almost every time I’ve gone to the website, several times a day. And the email address isn’t working.

    1. I have no idea what to say is the problem. I have not been told of any errors and have tons of viewers watch the broadcasts

    2. It depends in where you are compared to where Steve is. Example: 7:40 AM on the US, east coast, daylight. On the west coast, its only 4:30 AM and still dark.

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