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Truck is in the ER

The Freightliner shop has been tearing apart the tractor troubleshooting our clutch problems. They have verified the problem exists and have ordered several parts which should come in on Thursday afternoon. They have stated to drop the transmission and several sensors have corrosion visible. We are going back home to Belvidere for the night since nothing we can do until the truck is fixed. The shop did plug in our freezer so no worries about our food going bad. As soon as more details are available, I’ll make a new post, but nothing more to report today. Don’t forget to stop by our bigrigtravels store and bid on the donated bobblehead- and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warriors Project

30 thoughts on “Truck is in the ER

  1. Oof! Thats a tough start to driving again.
    I guess the sensors did their work instead of giving a false alarm.

  2. It was nice of them to plug in the freezer for you; I know you have lost substantial amounts of food that way before. Hope you get back on the road soon. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  3. So sorry for the big rig problems. I guess the truck didn’t want to go to work either. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Sensor and computers – @#*()*! Give me a vehicle from the 50s or 60s. No computers, no smog stuff.

    1. Unfortunately trucks with engines that old are not legal in California.

    2. Now Now its not nice to be-little old vehicles Gus as Devil RV has his oldie but goodie motor home smog oily fumes engine mis-fires engine not running on all cylinders etc. etc. Devil love you !!! Just meant to give us laughs in these hectic times LOLJim Janet

      1. Oops my apologies to you Gus you were for the old vehicles in your post but was another that mentioned old vehicle not allowed in California!! still trying to keep with with Joneses Bus!!

      2. LOL. Believe me, I know all about engine problems even if mine is so old, it only contains a few sensors such that an actual mechanic has to know what they are doing rather than letting some computer do most of the thinking.
        But. I’m just glad it’s Steve’s clutch that’s the problem and not my transmission. He has a better maintenance plan than I do.

        1. Actually if truth be told only sensors on Devil vehicle are the sensors attached to him to avoid drivers problems which may occur LOL

  5. Oh, that’s too bad.

  6. We hear ya, Aunt ‘J’ and the road crew will still be with ya! Hopefully Steve will be back on the roads this weekend if all goes well! Let’s hear it for BigRigSteve guys! Hip-hip horrah! Hip-hip horrah!

  7. Steve, i’m sorry to hear that that the truck took a dump on you. I hope the truck gets fixed soon and I hope you get back on the road soon! Godspeed!

  8. They don’t build them to last anymore. You should have been able to easily get at least 200,000 miles before you needed any major work done. That sucks to hear the quality of what you drive not being able to last longer than a year. Yeah, I know you ask alot of your truck, but honestly, couldn’t Freightliner at least make their products in the United States since they are a US company?

    1. The truck has over 268,000 miles on it. And this truck has had very little minor stuff wrong thus far. So what, it now needs a few sensors. The road conditions and weather extremes can destroy equipment. Why bash the truck when it thus far, has been the most behaved truck we’ve driven??

      1. Don’t jinx yourself by saying well behaved. I know, I shouldn’t sound superstitious because I didn’t know you already have put over a quarter of a million miles on her.

  9. hi steve,
    I’m sorry for your misfortunes.
    I would like to know what mileage is your truck. It used to be posted on the website, but now it isn’t.
    take advantage of this extended rest

    1. Steve posted the mileage right above your post.

  10. Steve

    Glad you were able to get the truck to a repair shop in time and that you werenโ€™t stranded out on the highway for hours. Hope it gets fixed soon but enjoy some more time at home. Stay safe!!!

    1. Since him at the time of this conversation was not driving him will be safe from other drivers. If him was driving then stay safe would be needed.

  11. Chicago was where I and the rest of my families were born. It’s a shame that you couldn’t proceed into the city since you’ve been in Illinois, heading to Indiana. All I like to do is count all the trucks going by along the interstates in the Chicago area. Many of them!

  12. Other than the bad fuel problem I remember this truck as reliable. Stuff happens when a truck is exposed to harsh conditions.

  13. Hello Steve.
    Said a prayer for you and the truck too last night! Guess the company needs to put a rush on that beautiful new truck we are all excited to see. Robert was off for about 6 weeks because of sensor issue. Thank goodness for UberEats, Shipt, and Uber jobs in the meantime….Lol
    Enjoy your extra time off…..

  14. I remember the cat engine I had it would run like a tiger. I had no problems with it just did regular maintenance. Freightliner was the original cabover truck but the company was cheap on the electrical and there was no insulation behind the outside panles that was one of my reasons for not driving Freight Shaker

  15. Steve remember when you came through Hamilton town,accidently? You said you could smell bad fumes and hoped it wasn,t you!

    Hoped to see you on the road soon. Joy

  16. May be his truck Is trying to get us some more time off

  17. Would in be nice if your new vehicle became available like tomorrow?

    But never such luck.

  18. Hi Steve, Gary and I have it figured that after going through this aggravation with your present truck, it will get fixed and you will then get notice right after that that your new truck will be ready. Lol Hoping you have a great weekend!! The Barkers

  19. Hey Steve, new to your family of happy viewers and love your journeys through much of the country that I don’t get to see. Sorry for the misfortune of the truck being in the shop but you’re right that since the vehicle is getting so much use it was inevitable that this would happen, even to a big rig. Can’t wait till you’re back on the road again. For now enjoy your now extended vacation and take the time to relax.

  20. Corroded sensors?
    I blame Aunt Jemima for all that Cheeto’s dust getting on the metal and corroding it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. That’s not good ur truck has just over 269,300 miles on it I hope ur truck gets fixed soon!

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