Trip and restart

Afternoon ya’ll. We have our next trip lined up. We also have our DOT medical card updated. We do not pickup until tomorrow so we will turn this into a 34 our restart so we can have a fresh and full set of 70 hours to run. Rest up today and get all the slushies you can. This truckstop has 22 flavors to choose from!  We will roll early in the morning.  First we visit the trailer washout place then fuel in our trailer then go to get loaded.

On another note, I have opened all my videos to allow my viewers to contribute subtitles and/or closed captions to any video. This means viewers can help point out landmarks or other noteworthy items as we drive by. You cannot add them to a current live broadcast,  but you can after it finishes. All contributions will be held for review of course and approved asap. If you are interested in contributing to the videos,  you can follow these steps:

Contributing Subtitles to Videos of Others

1 Choose a video to contribute to. Navigate to another uploader’s video.

2 Click the “Settings” (gear) icon. This button appears in the video player and will bring up a menu of video options.

3 Click “Subtitles/CC” and select “Add subtitles or CC”. This will redirect you to the subtitle editing interface.Important note: Not all video uploaders will accept subtitle contributors. If they do not allow them, then the “Add Subtitles or CC” option will not appear and you cannot contribute.

4 Select the subtitle language.

5 Play the video and pause when you want to enter a subtitle. Playback can be used to listen to the spoken line before entering the subtitles into the text area to the right of the video.

6 Adjust your subtitles. Subtitles will be placed in the timeline where you paused the video for each entry. Click and drag the bar on either side of a subtitle to change its length.

7 Submit your subtitles. Click “Submit for review” and your subtitles will be sent to the video owner for review.

8 Complete the submission. You will be prompted to answer whether or not the captions are complete. Selecting “No” will allow other contributors to pick up where you left off before the final subtitles are submitted to the video owner. Selecting “Yes” means they will go straight to review. After your selection, press “Submit” to finish your contribution.