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Trip 03/22/21B

  • Pickup Date: 03/22/21
    • Loading Location: Gary, Indiana
    • TYPE: preloaded
    • On Site Time: 1 hours
  • Delivery Date: 03/22/21
    • Unloading Location: University Park, Illinois
    • TYPE: drop trailer
    • On Site Time: 1 hour
  • Temperature: -10f
  • Cargo Weight: 40,686
  • Cargo Hauled: ice cream
  • Approximate Mileages:
    • Empty: 0
    • Loaded: 31
  • Additional Notes: second full trip in one day!

3 thoughts on “Trip 03/22/21B

  1. Wow that is a lot of ice cream and lots of people like it especially during the summer time.

  2. How cold will your trailer get? I worked in an ice cream freezer during college, I think we kept it at -15. Just a little nippy – but I got free ice cream and chocolate milk.

    1. The trailer range is -20f to +80f

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