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Trip 03/15/21

  • Pickup Date: 03/15/21
    • Loading Location: Lynden, Washington
    • TYPE: live load
    • On Site Time: 39 minutes
  • Delivery Date: 03/22/21
    • Unloading Location: Tomah, Wsconsin
    • TYPE: LIVE Unload
    • On Site Time: 45 minutes
  • Temperature: 0f
  • Cargo Weight: 42,066
  • Cargo Hauled: bulk frozen cranberries
  • Approximate Mileages:
    • Empty: 102
    • Loaded: 1,900
  • Additional Notes: missed friday delivery due to not enough hours, so made delivery monday morning

7 thoughts on “Trip 03/15/21

  1. I will see if the list of approximate mileage loaded is a clue on the route that we will take from Billings to Tomah, WI. Based on the approximate mileage listed when loaded as 1,900; the viable route that is closest to this distance is I-90 + US 212 east into Wyoming and South Dakota + US 85 south a short distance + SD 34 southeast + I-90 east. This is just a guess for me as only Steve and MT 406 knows for sure what route Steve is taking. It’s been a beautiful drive so far.

  2. 1. Back in the day when I was trucking all my hauls were with a reefer. I would never stop at a truck stop that catered to “freight haulers” or parked next to a “freight hauler” at a truck stop when I was required to keep the reefer unit running. It was just common courtesy in may day. Is that a courtesy still in practice in today’s trucking world? I noticed when you pull into a truck stop to park you are parked among all kind of haulers.
    2. I noticed when a truck passes you there doesn’t appear to be an acknowledgement on the clear to move over signal (ie. flashing head lights by the truck which is being passed) if you flash. Is that something that is no longer done?

    1. usually there is limited parking and only a few slots. I can’t just sit and wait for two other reefers to park with a space in the middle.
      I do flash lights at night especially if they are a double or so, but usually they pull back over the minute they pass my hood so what is the point then?

  3. Understand, thank you.

  4. I just. Started watching. U Steve. I happen to come upon ur. Live broadcasts. Now I’m hooked. I live near Rochelle 15 miles east of there.

  5. Hi Steve, I hope you have a nice and easy Sunday after a busy week.
    What is the mileage on your current truck and what is the estimated
    date on arrival of your new truck?
    Best wishes,
    Tony Jay.

  6. 42000 lbs of cranberries! Wow, how many glasses of cranberry juice would that make? How many Thanksgiving dinner bowls of cranberry sauce? How do the growers tell a good cranberry from a bad one? Good ones bounce.

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