Top 25 YouTube USA Travel Channel 2018!

Well well what do ya know!? We have ranked in the Top 25 YouTube USA Travel Channels on the planet coming in at number 11!! You can check out the top 25 here…

18 thoughts on “Top 25 YouTube USA Travel Channel 2018!

  1. A heartfelt Congratulations on making this list! Of course, all of us on The Road Crew already know what an awesome channel this is, but it’s nice to know there are others out there that are taking notice!

  2. Congratulations you’re hard work and long hours driving which let’s us see America through you’re perspective pays off . Let’s go for the #1 next year Stay safe.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS….. Steve that’s quite an achievement however, I’m NOT surprised. *DITTO* to what Greg Treadway and Jean Paul Coolen said.

  4. You may be #11 in the rankings, but you’re #1 in the road crew’s hearts. 🙂 And you have me beat: Feedspot ranked my hiking blog #69 among hiking blogs and websites. Hope you can leave the snow and ice behind tomorrow as you head south. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Stephen, you have done wonders to this ever since it first was started all those years ago, keep up all of the fantastic work….AWESOME stephen….

  6. Woo hoo!! a well deserved award. You have put in a lot of hard work to create this channel and built an international community within the Road Crew.. We are proud to be part of your achievement….now let’s ‘Mash It’ to the number 1 spot……

  7. Congratulations, Steve!! Fantastic but expected and deserved award!👍 😃Hope the number of subscribers will rise😉. Sorry for last days, i have not much time for live watching:( Sorry please! God bless you Steve, safe travels on winter roads!

  8. Money Matters? For sure. but such recognitions in life are probably even more important! Made possible thanks to your good qualities and abilities that so many of us admire. We are proud of you. So totally deserves, congratulations!
    (most important to me? the main thing Snowman lives! 🙂 🙂 ha ha)

  9. Of all 25 on the list, yours is the only true LIVE adventure. The others are neatly edited from mistakes, traffic accidents, weather, construction, etc. Your journeys are true life, happening for the road crew at the same time you experience them. It’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. So, your road travels are unpasteurized, as only LIVE feeds can be. Few people anywhere would dare to expose their life to such scrutiny and criticism. Many would need an audio mute button so that they could use the type of language that they generally use. Through it all, your attitude is most always positive. Indeed, you are the type of person that many would choose to ride in the passenger seat on your journeys. Your channel is indeed family friendly and a great place to de-stress the natural way. The trucking industry could not hope to have a better ambassador. Congratulations on the recognition for your achievement frrom YouTube. You richly deserve it.

  10. Hi Steve,that’s great news about the top 25 you tube travel for your channel.I always appreciate your videos ,showing me the sights of the u.s.a..It makes me want to come over for a vacation one day.

  11. Not at all surprised, it’s a great honor but I think the real honor is that you’ve been true to all of your Road Crew which sets you apart from anyone I’ve ever watched. You know what brung you to the dance and it wasn’t youtube and for that, I toast my tea cup! Here here!

  12. What??? You mean TK wasn’t included with the top 25?! You know ~ along with the likes of grumpy cat and piano cat?!
    Just kidding 🙂 Well deserved and congratulations!
    Should really be #1.

  13. Congratulations and thanks for all the amazing videos and being number 11 on the list. I’m watching videos from 2017.

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