Well heck. We stopped at this little rest area with just 12 minutes left before we were going into a violation on our 8 hour timeline. We completed that but then we will only have a hour and a few minutes left on our 14 hour clock…not really enough time to make it to Wichita , Texas. We would barely roll in and that Flying J truck stop is small and crowded. We would then go into a big violation if there was no parking and had to keep driving. I think at this point, we will take our rest here (it is after 6pm anyway) and start fresh in the morning. Thank goodness for water and Goober Grape!!

Our route will probably change once again, but this time to a much more scenic route! Not sure why my fuel routing keeps being updated to the strangest places!!! Either way, it will be a hard and long next two days! See y’all in the morning.