Time zones and aliens? 

Morning!  Yesterday we went through three states and three different time zones! The sun started coming up at 522am this morning.  We are currently waiting to unload at our first delivery.  Once done here, we will scoot up towards our second delivery in Sparks,  Nevada.  On the way we will pass Hoover Dam, Las Vegas,  and Area 51….you know,  where the aliens are. It will be some fantastic scenery but it all depends on the availability of a 4G broadcast quality signal as to whether we can broadcast. You can always watch the still camera if we can’t stream video.  BTW, the Google Chrome browser really has a problem with automatic refreshing scripts like what we use to automatically update the still images.  I strongly urge you to view the website using Firefox,  palemoon,  Ie, or another browser.  I have searched many forums about the difficulty of the chrome browser not refreshing.  It seems to be a design fault in Chrome that nobody can figure out. Even manually refreshing the chrome pages doesn’t work. If you want to see snowman update automatically as designed,then try another browser.  

Even though the Bigrigtravels Instagram isn’t on the website currently,  you can always download the app and follow us. I definitely plan on making multiple new instagram images on the next leg of our trip!  Bigrigtravels Instagram link here.

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