Three trips

Good Friday morning from Belvidere, Illinois. We have our next three trips lined up with the first one loading tonight. States we will be rolling through next week includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York among others. The weekend will be busy so relax today while you can.

The hats have been ordered and will come in five colors. They are in production now and won’t be ready until mid May. I will add all the new products to the store at that time.

8 thoughts on “Three trips

  1. Steve, where abouts in NY are you heading too? I am in NYC, but would love to meet ya and buy you lunch

    1. I think New York State, but we have to wait until that trip is the current one. But my guess is that the 2nd one will take him to Missouri.

  2. That’s a busy schedule your going to have Steve! I hope you had a good time off. Take care and safe travels

  3. welcome back to the open road, drive safely, and for your folks back in Texas, GO SPURS!!!! San Antonio better win or go home in the final game of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Game 7 is the decider. Nuggets shall go down!

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