Those who wait….

Howdy and good Saturday evening. This will be the Saturday night and Sunday morning blog post so I have both days covered!

This afternoon, we started seeing the highway signs stating that 60mph+ winds were blowing just ahead of us and that the Interstate was closed to “High Profile” and “Light Trailers” due to extreme blow over risk. Guess what, that applies to us since we are a high profile truck and we happen to be loaded on the lighter side. We pulled into the truckstop for our 30 minute break and to double check the weather and for any updates about what was ahead. Yup, we called it a day and shutdown. True, the road was still open for four wheelers, so several trucks decided to ignore the road closures and rolled on past Rawlins.

Now there is a blown over big truck that has crashed and is layed across all the lanes so now the road is really closed to everyone, including four wheelers. Think about this: Now, that trucker decided to ignore the truck ban and has caused an accident. He is 100% responsible for loss to all the freight, his truck, trailer, road repairs, manpower of police, highway workers, etc not to mention more damages if he hit someone else as well.

Meanwhile, we found our spot early because we keep in touch with the changing conditions and plan ahead. This truckstop now looks like a packed can of sardines with trucks parking in the middle of rows ans every which way they can to the point nobody can move! It pays to be aware of what is up ahead and to plan accordingly!

Hey, look below, it’s your Sunday Video!

12 thoughts on “Those who wait….

  1. Steve was talking about this very scenario on the live stream this afternoon about what could happen if a trucker ignored the travel ban and drove on into the high winds and sure enough something did happen after Steve talked about it.

  2. So glad you were able to get parked safely and thanks for the beautiful praise song. Have a safe rest of your trip.

  3. Steve, thank you for being safe and using common sense. Others should follow your lead. Its better to be safe than sorry.

  4. So glad you decided to shut down and stay put. You are always talking about safety first and thank you for the wonderful praise song. Take care.

  5. It’s always good to know we are safe travelling with you..We trust you and any decision you make..We will wait patiently until you know it’s safe to move on……

  6. Wyoming is notorious for bad crosswinds.. I’m really surprised Aunt Jemima didn’t sabotage that trucker’s engine like a little gremlin because he caused you to end up in a city of grumpy people. Maybe they should pay for ALL OF YOU too.

  7. As Steve is parked in York Nebraska at this time i will just inform all my good friend John Clayton has been honored York College here in York as they have a museum in his honor for his ministry dedicated to the subject of creation..He certainly is a very exciting man..Is very brilliant!!

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