This week?

Good morning Road Crew!

Well, for yesterday being the first day of summer, today we expect more storms…some of them severe with high winds and large hail. The clouds are gathering and it’s getting darker!

I have been doing pretty good this week, some days are better than others. We had alot of fluid retention in the thighs and legs due to a side effect of the medicine, and probably because I was stuffing my face every chance I could and we ate faster than our body could process everything. I have slowed down on the food intake and today the swelling has completely disappeared! We feel pretty good and we have a follow up appointment tomorrow afternoon to discuss the results of the labs we did last week. Assuming the doctor is happy with what he sees, we will probably be released to go back to driving for two weeks. Then we will have to do another appointment and see how things are progressing! I started out with nine prescriptions, but with each day we are finishing them up…….

The website is back to normal and in case you did not notice, I now showcase a video on the left side of the blog. You can play it in the small window right there, or you can click the bottom right square symbol and make it fullscreen. The video will change every now and then. The instagram photo will return soon. For some reason I am still having trouble making that display properly….

Just a friendly reminder, if you shop Amazon, try one of the links on any of my websites. When you purchase through them, I get a little bit of “website revenue”. Every bit helps since it does take money to run the websites and cameras. 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed for hitting the road in a day or two….

OH! And BTW, Deputy (the hamster critter in the comments) one of the Road Crew from the Netherlands area……jumped over the big pond and lands in America today! Welcome to the United States Deputy and enjoy your vacation in Florida and Key West!