Thermopolis, Wyoming

Howdy! Anyone care to visit Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming today? We will broadcast live starting at 3pm mountain time.  Yesterday we set up the tent at Wind River Canyon just south of here a bit. There was absolutely no cell phone data at all. I have been uploading some pictures to Instagram and the longer videos I will open up on the YouTube channel later.

12 thoughts on “Thermopolis, Wyoming

  1. hey steve or mod if your out there since steve is not in a truck right now and on vacation could we ha re move this from night bot since we are not truck driveing right now we can add it back in once steve starts driveing in AUG but for right now what out a hold on this commit below

    or may be there a way we can refix this commit up a little since where not driveing a truck right now night bot should not be saying any thing about trucking why we are on vacation

    ​Broadcasting A Million Miles of America with a focus on the travel aspect of truck driving. Visit for all the latest trip info and LIVE dynamic updates from the truck!

        1. Really? The existing text simply says travel. Website. Etc. That’s all still accurate whether we are on vacation in a car or driving a truck for customers. Does the validity of the website goals or mission statement change just because we go on vacation? I’m really hoping you can enjoy coming along on the vacation travels and not get all caught up on silly small temporary details.

          1. sure thing steve i love your vacation trips am a traveling person my self i just dont have a ch too go out of state of CA

  2. Enjoyed it as always mash it enjoy your time off looking forward to the next video at the next location

  3. Hi Steve, just watched your awesome video and comments on your walking tour in Thermopolis today, thanks so much! Looking forward to your future adventures! Safe travels to you both, God bless

  4. What’s with the guys who want to “run the show” even tho it is being very well run, & has been well run for years??

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