The Price is Right!

We are waiting for a door to be loaded……meanwhile, I thought I would share something I found that made me very excited!

I have been a fan of The Price is Right since the early 70’s when I was a kid. Growing up, I always made it a goal of visiting the show in person to see it myself. That very show was a factor in my own television broadcasting desires.

Over the years, I have looked off and on for backstage photos of the set and cameras but they were very hard to find since no personal cameras are allowed on set. I did another search lastnight and I found the biggest surprise ever! Released just a few days ago, CBS and the Price is Right did a true behind the scenes video and the first 6 camera broadcast! You get to watch several cameras at the same time. You can see and hear the directors talking, cameramen moving cameras around, and tons of backstage activities. During commercial breaks, you can see what happens as they get ready to come back on the air! It is the only 1 hour gameshow on television and with all the games and prizes, it moves very fast!

Here is that video. Also, later on, I will tell you about my very own adventure to Hollywood, California and the Price is Right when I was just 21 years old!