The great plan vanished

I was hoping I’d have an update for you by now, but I don’t. So what exactly happened? The delivery appointment we had was 7am Friday. We rolled up to the gate about twenty minutes early and the receivers refused the entire trailer because this old trailer we have has the old style roll door on the back instead of the regular swing out doors. They claim the new warehouse they are in doesn’t allow proper fitting of the trailer. They also claim their forklifts are too high and won’t fit inside the trailer. Remember, we picked up this trailer originally from Aurora, Illinois and it was already preloaded for us when we arrived. We have also accomplished two other full trips with this same trailer. Regardless of the circumstances, end result is full load refusal. They want their product transloaded on to another newer trailer. The delay seems to be centered around getting permission to break the original shipping seal, where to find a newer swing door trailer, finding the manpower and equipment needed to make the move. All the bosses have been working on a solution since this morning so all we can do is wait. At this time, we still are scheduled to reload for our next trip from this same building we are waiting to deliver to. As soon as I get more updates, I’ll let ya’ll know.

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  1. hi Steve I recall last year I think it was that you had a trip too to the ohio area that you all so had a old trailer on that trip could that trailer be the same one ? that found you a year later ?

    all so why could they not this change this too a drop and hock and this went them sort this out then that way you can get your next load and be on your way ?

  2. This stinks. The receiving manager made a mistake and ordered the wrong forklift (too high) and you pay. Shouldn’t requirements for swing door trailers be on the order and BOL? How about this, you back up to an empty swing door trailer on site with a pallet jack in it. Move the goods to that trailer, back up yours to a dock, unload the jack. Then move the now full swing door trailer to the dock. They unload and load that trailer and you leave the Old Style trailer there. Presto chango.

    1. Sure. I’m not doing it. I don’t have another trailer. I don’t have a pallet jack. I don’t have the authority to break the shipper seal. It’s outta my hands

  3. That’s crazy! You guys are out there bustin’ your humps to keep the supply chain rolling for us and they play that kind of game… Thank you for keeping us supplied! Be safe, God bless

  4. Hi Steve does your company own the trailers or are they leased. I know that you were not happy with the one that you have and we’re looking forward to getting rid of it. Hope this doesn’t cost you your next trip.

  5. Hi Steve, Question I don’t know your driving time rules but I will throw this out what if you spend 30hrs there getting this fixed? Will that renew your 70hr clock so you get
    2 things fixed at the same time. Wishful thinking.

    1. Lol, no, we aren’t spending 30 hours here. And it takes 34 off duty or sleeper to make a restart

      1. Thanks Steve, Very happy you have your next load and looking forward to crossing the Rocky Mountains.
        Your the best web site. Stay well been stressful today get your well deserved rest.

  6. Steve on yesterday blog Sandr had wondered if you cut mike off and done some cussing about previous snafus and TK replied you dont cuss. Thats not your way of dealing with problems I replied to TK and thanked her for complimenting you!!! But—–after all this maybe cussing due?? No its not and just thank God for wonderful man as you are This too shall pass!!!===and virus too shall pass!!

  7. Hi Steve, no need for me to comment on today’s happenings has to be frustrating. I just simply wanted to thank you. I stumbled upon your channel in 2017 shortly after I retired and it has been interesting following you around the country and learning about the trucking business. Take care and stay safe.

  8. Step one. And you already did this. The trailer restrictions should have been listed on the Purchase Order… or the Load Broker waybill. I rather suspect none of the criteria you stated was listed in written description on any of the shipping documents. That lets your trucking company off the hook. Charge the hell out of either the shipper or the receiver. Your time is money.

    Jeez. Wasn’t even a good day for photos either. I saw the weather there. Light is wrong.

  9. Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
    O’Toole’s commentary on Murphy’s Law – Murphy was an optimist.

  10. Hi Steve you are dealing with a crazy delay. I hope you get paid for waiting around or any labor on your part to fix the problem. Thank you for everything you do.

    Smash it

  11. sigh.
    RC, happy followers of the best trucking website & driver ever:
    Do you not know God is sovereign over everything — even what appears to our weak vision as delays. Have you heard of “in due time”?
    God is more interested in developing character than He is in making our schedules run according to what we hope. (Prob. 16:9)
    Steve’s character is fairly well developed and on display.
    Oh, the stories I could tell you!! But not enough space here. Besides, I don’t want to get into trouble. 😀

  12. Howdy Steve,

    Pleased to see you are heading back out West. Have a safe trip to Utah!
    Incidentally, I showed my BRT coffee mug to some people at work and they want to get some when the store re-opens.
    Take care sir. Mash It!

  13. Did you see the snowy weather in Nebraska yesterday?
    Hopefully it will be better today! Bon Voyage!

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