The biggest mistake in history!!

Oops! I just found out I made the biggest mistake in the world! Well, it feels like it anyway.  The good news? I have just completed sorting out every single video on the BigRigTravels Video Vault YouTube channel and now videos are listed by each state in its own playlist. Starting today, as soon as a new video is uploaded,  it will automatically get placed as the latest video in its respective state group.  Ive gotten tons of requests for videos by state – now you have it!

So, the bad news? Lol…oh boy. After i got completely finished with all 1850+ videos,  I noticed YouTube sent out a notice that I added a video to a new playlist. In turn, Twitter took every message and then sent it on to the BigRigTravels Facebook page! That means all my subscribers got 1800 notifications from me!!

I so apologize for completely exploding your twitter and Facebook feeds with my mistake. I found my error and immediately fixed it so nobody gets notified except one time when i upload a new video.  Im not sure if YouTube automatically generated 1800 emails from me! Again,  I apologize if that is the case. Wow, I cant believe this happened. 

Update… We have arrived at the shipper but our load won’t be ready until tonight. Be ready to roll first thing in the morning!