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Test drive

Well, we were hoping that the truck would be ready to roll Monday morning. I called the repair center and they had it put back together and was on a test drive with it. I called back later and was told it still wasn’t behaving properly and they were still working on it. I called a third time and was told again it was on another test run and they would call me back. That of course never happened.

I will go there myself Tuesday morning and see the truck status for myself. Either we will have good news or we won’t, but at least I can see for myself and actually talk to the mechanic working on it. Hopefully I will have more news to share with you then.

25 thoughts on “Test drive

  1. Well, Mr. Micheals, Bob was working on it but is sick today and we can’t get a hold of him. So, I had Bubba look at Bob’s notes but he couldn’t find them so he started again. But Bubba had to leave and take his wife Bertha to the foot doctor to have her bunions scraped. We’re down 2 men because of Covid so we’ll have an update Tuesday.

  2. It could be worse: don’t want to start driving and break down 50 miles later because they didn’t fix it right. Hope you get back on the road soon. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  3. Gus Jones We’re you the one that did the test drive?

    Keep us updated on how the repair is progressing.

    That cornia virus thing makes for a great excuse for any company.

    Great update Gus

    1. I am quite certain that Gus’ post was satire…..Reread it another time or two.

      1. Him did not write that in his comment.

  4. If its not fully ready I’d make the company give you a loaner so you could at least go do a couple trips.

  5. I hope they remember to plug in the power for the freezer each time they come back from test driving.
    It has taken over a year on a recall for brake lines on our ford edge as they could not get parts.

  6. If you wait any longer, you may get the 2 weeks off you originally wanted. Just wish it was under better circumstances though, lol

    1. Nothing to do with the truck but enjoy your day on Sunday? I believe it is. I hope you and your bride to be don’t have too many jitters.

      1. Bride to be? That’s news to me.

  7. The only good news out of this is that it happened so close to home. You can get/got some work done there. Your paycheck is going to be a lot smaller though. Good luck on your visit Tuesday. I’m sure you will make sure they are plugging your freezer in.

    1. Not to mention that Steve’s chance to hit Diamond status for next month is out the window.

  8. guys am vary sure steve took his freezer home with him when he went back home for his 2nd break lol he would not leave it there for ant J to get in to why he was gone this think about the $1,000 or more worth of food steve would need to buy if that was lift there all so i dont think he wants to leave a $1200 freezer there has well

    1. Steve mentioned in the original ER post that the shop had plugged his freezer in.
      I doubt that the freezer has ever been taken out of the truck since Steve moved it from his old white truck to this one in 2019.

  9. in other news i wounder if steve has been talking to the big boss about getting other truck to used like a 2022 volvo or 2022 cascadia sightly used has am sure steve is ready to get back out on the road steve been off for 11 days wish feels like 2 to 3 weeks or longer lol i bet steve has gotten more done around the house then he has all year lol with the 11 days off he has had any ways i cant wait to see what steve finds out in the morning or afternoon about the truck whats hop the truck is ready to go i miss steve live boradcasting of the open road

    i wounder steve would this 2nd break count for the NOV time off ?

  10. Oh nice! More time to fortify the garden against that dang gopher!

    1. Just don’t do it like Carl Spackler.

      1. It’s a Cinderella Story, comes out of nowhere, the final hole at Augusta, 450 yards, looks like a 2 iron. Oh, he got all of that.

  11. Hiya Steve and Crew, since it is a warranty repair, I hope they get it fixed correctly ASAP, but correctly so you are safe on the road.. safety is the most important aspect of all of this, and we certainly want Steve and the truck to be safe!!

  12. All this reminds me of actual happening in home town where i am from!! Car parked along street with hood raised up and men trying to fix car and drunk comes along==says i will fix it==takes hammer and hammers battery posts and breaks up battery!! Sure hope better qualified mechanics working on Steves Truck!!1 LOL sooo =waitint now for==Mash-It!! Blessings to all!!

  13. Wish you good luck for tomorrow Steve!

  14. By the time this get repaired your new 10 wheeler will be ready.

    1. I just checked should have wrote 18 wheeler.

  15. Anything to do with Autos/trucks/bigrigs is bad slow these days. I hope they get Steve back on the road soon—we need him.

  16. Hey Steve,
    Sounds like it’s been one heck of a week already. Hope the truck is better now.
    I am watching the live streams from yesterday.
    See you online soon!
    Missing you here in Houston…

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