Sweet and Sour Day

Howdy! What a sweet and sour day for sure. We rolled through the nonstop rain and wind across South Dakota. During the ride, we passed an open state weigh station. As we rolled through, the Motor Carrier’s Inspection Van was waiting for us. We got tagged and had to pull around for an inspection. They did a Level III which is driver only which means they checked driver’s license, medical card, and all my driving logs. Half an hour later we rolled out with NO VIOLATIONS! WooHoo! Then we took our break at the corner truckstop where we got in on a buy one get one free ham sandwich and bags of M&Ms!

Awhile later, we had a tire blowout on our trailer. It was a super single tire which means when a tire blows, you cannot nurse it to a safe place – you are stuck right where you are since the rim touches the ground. As it turns out, two vehicles claimed they suffered vehicle damage when they ran over the tire debris before I could even go pick it up! Since it involved damages to a commercial vehicle, the State Troopers were called. They came out and everybody exchanged insurance information. I did not get any citations and the trooper said I did what I was supposed to do and things just happen. It took awhile for the repair folks to come out to us because not only did we need a new tire, but they had to replace the rim as well since it had a crack in it! I do my daily and periodic inspections so the crack happened during or after the tire blowout.

Several years ago, I bought a set of bright LED emergency lights to use in case I ever needed them at night. They are very worth the money, can be seen for a long ways, have three flashing modes, comes with a stand and also magnetic base. I love them and are worth the money in cases of emergencies and getting traffic to notice and move over! Below are the exact ones I bought. Yes, there are cheap knockoffs available, but these are (in my opinion) the best! The linked image below shows you where to buy on Amazon. (If purchased through the link, I will get a kickback since I am an Amazon Affiliate.

We roll on as far as we can get Sunday morning! BTW, here is this week’s Sunday Video choice:

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  1. Hi, glad it all worked out on a rainy day. Saw some of it on replay and then on snowman. Hard to figure out what was going on , so thanks for the update. BTW, my wonderful calendar arrived and love it. Nice job with the pictures. Safe journey on Sunday and enjoy your time off.

  2. steve according to your website u have 504 miles to go …if u leave Sioux falls, you could be in the Chicago area by 3p/4p in the aft’noon

    so in closing…safe driving sunday steve

      1. Means a 34 reset, luckily I never had the 70 hour click on Midwest Region….I blew a trailer tire during first day of training near Darlington, WI, on two lane. Able to nurse it to a repair shop.

  3. Steve many thoughts and prayers are with and for you, including mine. That said I’m glad were near Sioux City and not back on that endless stretch of highway where it was sleeting snow and raining heavily. Stay strong, (have a feeling that you will) vacation is close at hand. Depending on when you read this…Good night or Good morning.

  4. Hi Steve,well done being calm,despite the things that happened.You are a professional through and through.Great to hear your safety lights worked well.It must of been a bit scary being stuck on the side of the road like that,with the traffic going by.Hope you have a safe day tomorrow

  5. All the fun happens when I go to sleep lol.

    Glad you’re ok with the tire blowout.

    I don’t think there’s a more dedicated trucker on the road!👍

  6. You know it’s bad when you crack the rim.. Fortunately, you were able to react and get rolling again even if some yahoos blamed you.. How in the world could you see what you hit when it is very dark! I always say the toughest time to drive is at night where you can’t see things until they are on top of you.

    1. The guy in the Honda CRV was overtaking Steve when the tyre went boom, I guess he thought it was his own vehicle and stopped to check. If you watch the truck mirror their is no sign of tyre debris hitting his car.

  7. Steve with 504 miles left on your trip i am dedicating Bobby Bares song—-500 miles—so you can relate to that Have a safe and problem free rest of trip and have some relaxing time off May God Bless

  8. Unfortunately it happens in close to larger city Sioux Falls where the traffic was heavier. In the middle of SD you were almost alone. Im glad you are ok and hope all the “paper works” with troopers and damaged cars drivers are done for you. Good morning and have safe Sunday drive. Only few hours left to your vacation;) (but i read here you have some prob. with 70h limit… Hope it will be fine and u will reach the finish today… definitely you deserve rest as soon as possible!)
    Blessed Sunday for you, Steve!
    btw: perfect work with Snowman. It works very nice in Edge and Chrome too👍

  9. Unfortunately it happens not in the middle of boonies but close to big city where the traffic were much heavier. Anyway very well managed, Mr.Driver! Good morning and have blessed Sunday. Hope all the sour you tasted yesterday and hope u reach deserved vacation today!!
    Good luck Steve!
    Btw, perfect work with Snowman. It works very nice with Edge and Chrome too now👍 👋

  10. You did good with the blowout but sorry it had to happen, this trip has been a rough one on you wiith routes keeping you on the West side and now that you are short on time dirve wise you got thrown another delay, God has a reason for everything so keep the faith. Prayers are always with you.

  11. Was this an older trailer with the super singles or do the newer trailers have em? Not sure if maybe the older trailers had the dualies?

  12. The Lord took care of you again: that blown tire could have been much worse if 1) it had happened in heavier traffic, or 2) some other driver did something stupid to avoid the debris and caused a crash. I had 1) happen to a cement truck right beside me on I-85 in metro Atlanta a few years ago. It sounded like a bomb going off and scared the stuffing out of me, but I didn’t take any damage. Also, I’m sorry you didn’t make it to Rochelle tonight like you wanted. That big badger work zone in southern WI is a pain: I drove through it 3 times over the summer. Hopefully the highway improvements will be worth it when they get it done. I’ll miss riding around the country next week, but I know you need the time off. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  13. There’s tracks of your miles and how far you’ve come — in technology & broadcasting — to the world & records kept of how many subscribers.
    I’d like to see a written record of all the times God has protected you. They should be told as a tale & occupy a small corner of your website for those to find who are interested.
    There’s the time your axel broke after you safely parked at a TS after driving mountainous roads.
    There’s that icy bridge in Louisiana you skittled across sideways, safely, none else on the road hit.
    There’s the time you were due to pick up near friends in Ohio, at a shipper who never had been on time before & your friends had invited you over for conversation & steak (& laundry party). When you got there, the trailer was loaded & ready, and being conscientious, you decided to hook & get on down the road another hundred miles before quitting time. That night, a tornado flattened the area you would have been in had you stayed to visit.
    There’s more, as you well know. I encourage you to write them for Thanksgiving week.
    I hope everyone reading this enjoys a True Thanksgiving, not “turkey day”.

  14. hi steve did you end up buying that frog? lol all so i think you forgot too make a new blog

    any way there way thing i would like too see added too the site i would like too see a easyer way too log in or long out of your account

    rright now there dos not see too be any easy way has right now am long out of my user name but trying too find a easyer way too long back in would be nic

    i think on the top red bar there should be like a user name and pass word long in so that way if i want too make a commit on the blog or some in or make a order i can easy long in too my account has the way you have it right now steve is too its a little hard

    in fact am long out of my blog user name and there not a easy way that i can long back in useing my user name my normal user name is snow755

    1. you do not need to log in or out or even have any account to make comments on the blog. Heck, you do not even have to have any account or log in information to shop with the Bigrgtravels store. You are free to shop and order the store as a guest!

  15. hi steve have you had any sunny days yet over there has have it been overcast the hole time ? seems like the overcast loves you so much it follows you every where you go steve

  16. hi steve when do we have plans on returning too the highways and would we need too do a 34hr restart ?

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