Good morning! I see Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming are getting blizzards and snow! Yuk…I knew it was coming sooner or later!

I was going to ask for a drop location or earlier delivery for this trip but then found out if we did that I really would not have enough hours on our 70 hour clock to effectively take on another load. We are less than 400 miles from our delivery and do not deliver until tomorrow early evening…. So, surprise, we can actually fit in a full 34 hour restart while waiting! This way we get tons of hours to run like a banchee during the busiest time of the year for us!

The good thing about this unexpected restart is it gives me time to help my Chicago buddy with things he needs done around his house. Yesterday I cut the grass and every two or three rows carried the bagger full of mulched leaves to his garden! Today I will help him with winterizing some of his windows on his house before it gets too cold to do anything! My buddy has helped me so much the time I was in the hospital, and well, all the time, that now it is my turn to help him back since I have some spare time! Fair is fair.

So, with all this in mind, we will go ahead and drive tomorrow morning right into delivery. We already have the next trip lined up so I say rest when we can and run when we can! Save the money during the good times because after the holidays freight usually slows down a lot (though over the years I have always been kept running enough with the best runs even during slow times).

See you in the morning – for real this time! Ha! Okay time for breakfast then get some work done. No truck kat or hamster  supervisors required!

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