Surprise shoutout

Morning Road Crew! We are kinda dragging our feet a bit before hitting the highway so that we don’t run past our 14 hour clock during tonight’s delivery in Georgia.

Last night, just as we were finishing up our broadcast with a FAQ session and spending time with you, another LIVE broadcast on YouTube was just starting. That broadcast was “Nick From Home”, a geologist from Central Washington University that has been teaching geology online for anyone that cares to join in. Nick Zentner focuses his classes around the State of Washington, and just last week spent time talking about the Vantage area. As you know, our website logo bridge is the Vantage bridge – so BigRigTravels sent him a little something! Watch the video below to see what it was and his shoutout to BigRigTravels. His live broadcasts garner about 950+ simultaneous viewers. You can check out his videos and broadcasts as well as his website. Many thanks for the mention Nick! Our shoutout starts at 7:40. (Dang editor wouldn’t let me start from correct timestamp)

9 thoughts on “Surprise shoutout

  1. Hey Bigrigsteve it was nice seeing you, and the red beard in real life. Thanks for the honk you’re welcome to come through here anytime. I had low key planned, and staked out thst RC spot as I am a local of Louisville. It really made my day getting to see you. Once again thanks man. This is from RC Gaseus Clay you be safe out there, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video, and hopefully you get to see me again. Have a blessed day sir.

  2. Steve i want to put in a compliment for Gaseus!! This is just the very best of how BRT road crew have stepped up and made BRT the wonderful family friendly outlet it is !!! For me in times like we are in the opportunity to share all goes on here makes for a blessed day!!Steve you sure are very good to make my day!!! God Bless and—MASH -IT brother MASH-IT !!!

  3. That was Great! I have been watching Nick for about 4 years, about the same as watching you. Living here in Montana he is far away the best Geologist in the Pacific Northwest! Safe Travels!

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