Surprise night

Howdy. We went to the shop for the Calbit inspection but they were pretty busy so they will take us at 6am Friday morning. Guess what? Since the house is only 25 miles away, I came home for the night and managed to mow the lawn, mulch leaves and core aeration of the lawn. See ya Friday morning after the shop when we start our next trip!

10 thoughts on “Surprise night

  1. Hey Steve, I’m glad you got a little home time & got needed stuff done. I wish you wouldn’t make us wait to find out what the next trip is!

  2. Me. I’m thinking of the grocery store.Cheetos and anything else that’s getting low. I’m not a lawn person.

  3. Oooooh lord, Chatty Cathy and Aunt Jemima alone in the truck with all those cheetos spells touble.

  4. Is there anyone else that cant get you tube?? I can watch live stream on home page but no chat appears and when i click on you tube icon it stalls Is it just me or is there a you tube Problem???

  5. All is okay I just unhooked from router and re-booted now all is okay.Just they\t saturday first thing Steve was going by my town and couldn’t connect but now all is hoyle Mash It Are We There Yet be back in minute—sayings of The Master Masher!!!

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