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Sunday’s Song and shop

Morning! We came to Gary, Indiana for our scheduled maintenance today. It was supposed to be done yesterday but they work by appointments and we missed it by an hour. We will pick up our next loaded trailer from here and make the next trip’s delivery at 5am Monday which means we will need to leave here about 1am. As soon as we get cleared from the shop, we will post the trip. We currently also have our next 5 trips lined up! Good thing we are managing to squeeze in a 34 hour restart!

14 thoughts on “Sunday’s Song and shop

  1. Wouldn’t they just do it as soon as you get there instead of doing it by appt.? And why would they just delay the appt. by a day after you were late by 1 hour, Steve? Can’t they just do the maintenance as soon as you get there?

    1. When you make doctor appointments, do you just demand they see you when you get there? Of course not. We are not the only truck needing maintenance

  2. Hi Steve. With you are on a 34 hour re-start while your truck is in the shop, are you still “on duty”? Since you are close to home, are you able to go home while the truck in the shop or do you have to stay nearby the shop?

    1. It looks like he should be able to call a ride to take him to the house unless he’s afraid to leave his personal stuff alone. I just hope he has/had a quiet place to rest!

    2. I think Steve stays near the shop even though he is off duty.

    3. steve is in Gary, Indiana wish is buy no means is close too home steve would need too stay with the truck since we got too get rolling at 1 am

      1. You just said it best I’d say, David!

    4. shop work is off duty since we are not in control of the vehicle. No, Belvidere is too far to walk

      1. The only way you would be able to sleep at home is if the shop was in Belvidere.

      2. Yes, Belvidere would be quite the walk from Gary! 🙂 Was thinking that perhaps a friend could come a give you a ride home. Anyhow, Happy Monday and hope you are back on the road soon.

  3. About the next broadcast, is the 5am shipper appt. going to be in the Eastern Time Zone or Central Time Zone?

    1. Delivery is scheduled for 5 am.

  4. It is 2 am central time on 5/17 as I write this and it is clear that the truck might be undergoing some major surgery.

    Get better soon, Truck!

  5. Steve has once again fallen to the old saying==best laid plans on mice and men oft go astray==Steve and the stow-away mouse in cab are victims of this all to request BRT set-back says this wise old sage!!

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