Sunday Video and Offer

Good Sunday afternoon. Welcome to our sunny Alabama day! It sure feels good after the snowy ride through Georgia the other day! We are done for the day and parked and ready for Monday’s loading appointment. Last week I made an offer for a (potential) free book but nobody noticed the link and didn’t know about the offer, so we will try it again. If you are having a rough time, this book may help you. Special Offer

15 thoughts on “Sunday Video and Offer

  1. Hello Steve
    I am a retired truck driver from France and I love to ride with you your country.The new site is great but I am a bit disappointed to no longer see the weather and the temperature of where you found yourself. Good road and caution

  2. Good morning Steve
    Your website gets better and better with each change and addition. Lots of information. Question- does someone keep track of all the trailers dropped off at customer sites for a loaded one? You have drop and hook on a regular basis.

  3. Steve, thank you,thank you, thank you! for giving Gossamer 86 a moderator position. She will be excellent.

    Congratulations Goss, IMO that wrench is well deserved/earned and as I mentioned to Lionel a while ago, I was rooting for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t post this in chat but I don’t have an YouTube account anymore.

    1. Hi Mary, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. It means so much to me. I want to do as much as I can to help Steve, the road crew, as well as help to keep chat family friendly and kid safe. I know how important that is. Thank you again, you truly made my day.

  4. Hi Steve

    I think it might be time if snow man has a new set of doors the doors on snowman have been okay but since we are making change too the website I think it be nic if the snowman cam. Got a new set of doors

      1. hi

        i do like the rustic old barn doors but since we had the rustic old barn doors since the website started i was thinking since we are makeing a few changes too the website that snow man cam could used a new set of doors

  5. And it looks like it’s snowing tonight on snowman cam going to be interesting in the morning when you wake up

  6. All so Steve just checking out the roads in WY and

    Rock Springs
    NWS Forecast Between the Utah State Line and Mile Marker 502, Southbound Closure Gate Road Closed Due To Winter Conditions
    As of February 04 at 08:00 a.m., the estimated opening time is unknown. Parking on the roadway is prohibited and delays WYDOT from opening the road. Feb 12, 2020 11:27 pm

    So am not sure if they mean the side road is closed or the freeway is closed

    If it not reopened buy time you wake up you might need too back track a little and going over the high mt of Colorado

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