Sunday video and fall colors

Good Sunday morning! I’m hoping we will get to see some fall colors today as we roll through West Virginia and Virginia towards our delivery.  We do already have the next trip lined up after today’s delivery.

12 thoughts on “Sunday video and fall colors

  1. What a great song! And very appropriate, somehow. My church choir sung this great hymn many times.

    Thank you for sharing this, Steve. May St. Christopher guide your hands.

  2. It’s been a great ride today, even in the fog(for us watching, maybe not as much for you driving).it’s always a treat to see all these different and beautiful parts of the US…Thank you for the ride…

  3. Thank you , Steve, for a very fun ride today! Such beautiful scenery! The hymn is lovely, too, thank you very much.

  4. Seems to have been a while since you’ve been to this party of the country. Nice to see a different place with the added foliage:) Turning all sorts of colors here too.

  5. Lovely version of this old song. I can remember hearing this for the first time, shortly after I lost my dad in 1994.

  6. Sorry, but no real fall colors in WV yet. Today while you were driving through there west to east, I was driving through there north to south (on my way home from a hiking trip). We missed crossing paths in Beckley by about 3 hours; you were ahead of me. I was hoping to see some nice fall colors on my Fall Break hiking trip, but it has been so warm in this part of the world fall is late in arriving.

    Anyway, hope you get unloaded soon. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Yes you are correct this fall coloring of leaves is behind due to warmer than normal weather and also more rain than normal.There wont be as brilliant coloring of leaves i would predict due to those weather related factors. But i will appreciate all Gods beats where they are and respect all of the natural world plants and creatures And—-Mash It Are we there yet??

  7. i hop where done Unloading at receiver buy now and not busting are clocks has when steve stop streaming for the day that was like 8hrs ago

  8. Welcome back to the Keystone state. Just need to head a little further north sometime 🙂 Safe travels.

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