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Sunday Video

6 thoughts on “Sunday Video

  1. Don’t get rid of the website. I found you through YouTube being stuck in the house in March and have been pretty much watching every day since!

    I always check the site to see where your headed as well as the trip journals.

    Thanks for all you do stay safe.

  2. I came in after having dinner and I played this song when soon all the family came and sat and listened!

    Thanks for that wonderful song Steve.

  3. Thanks for the song. I am a Pastor here in the Metter Ga area. You are about 5 minutes from my house tonight. I enjoy your humor and integrity you show as I observe you on the road everyday.
    My prayers are with you and those who supply us all over this great nation.

    Pastor Ricky Aldridge

  4. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the trip to FL. Is this new trip where on going to be taking you too time off after this ?

  5. Steve, I know you mentioned the website…I’m retired from the business. I will be happy to help out if ever you need assistance with coding or maintenance.
    Jack The Cat…

  6. Beautiful song. I agree with the comments about keeping the website. Yes there are those who are lazy and don’t use it, and some of the new folks don’t know about it, but I expect there are more of us who use it and appreciate it and all the hard work you put into it. Maybe we just don’t say thank you enough for all you do. I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday break. ~Breathe

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