Sunday Trip

Good morning. We got a full new set of 70 hours to work with now! We took our loaded trailer to a local dropyard since the delivery appointment was changed to Monday. We will find an empty somewhere and use it for the next shipper.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Trip

  1. hi steve i have a special request for you it been a long time since we where at the loves on US 93 at Exit 64 i was wanting too no and if you would have time would you be willing too make a pit stop or some in there i would love too see what that area looks like now and how much construction progress was made since we where last in that area i was kind of hoping you would stop at the loves for the night when we where heading down too CA and it could be some time be for we are down in this area again

    like i said not sure what your plans are for a pit stop but if you have time that would be grate i wont be on when you stop but i will check out the live stream when i get home


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