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Sunday Song and Weekend Woes 5/13/23

Well, if you were watching our late night broadcast on Friday, you know exactly what happened. In case you missed it, here’s the brief. We showed up at the shipper on Friday night. What was supposed to be a preloaded trailer turned out to be a live load. Three pallets into the loading process, their packaging machine broke. Now, they are closed for the weekend. Every few hours, I’ve been asking for another trip. Nothing exists. Not on the reefer side, dry and side, not even on dedicated routes! So, they open tomorrow morning so maybe they can fix things early and we can continue.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Song and Weekend Woes 5/13/23

  1. Wow like you said it’s always on the weekends too. Too bad you can’t drop the trailer and at least go the nearest truck stop til tomorrow (or whenever they can fix things).

  2. This business couldn’t succeed without support of truckers. And this is how they treat you? They don’t deserve your support. Like they couldn’t bring in necessary workers on weekend for repairs? They could, but don’t care.

  3. Steve it might be time for a Permanent Vacation!

  4. Thanks for the song Steve!!1 Always so good to have a positive message in these oh so troubled times!! Bleesing wishes for all!!

  5. good night Steve and road crew 😴 I will see 👀 you guys tomorrow morning 🌄 to and I will talk to you guys tomorrow morning 🌄 to sounds good for tomorrow morning 🌄 to

  6. My guess is that repairs to the pallet wrapper has to be done by an outside vendor who either sold or rented machine to shipper and provides maintenance on the pallet wrapper. . This warehouse is probably unionized, so nothing done on the weekends.

  7. Yikes! It seems like you have done more sitting then moving since your last time off. Hope you can get outta there sooner then later and get home for a break!

  8. So is this curse from Lorna due to getting caught stealing ice cream from refrigerator then being roundly repermantded Steve??

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