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Sunday Song and shorts

Hey, in case you haven’t seen or noticed yet, we tried a few new YouTube Shorts and it seems alot of folks enjoyed them! Our truck should be ready Monday afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Song and shorts

  1. Great news, Steve, the Shorts are great, thanks for the updates! You got a nice long weekend with the Truck Clutch Caper! Hope you get some great trips this cycle!

  2. Love the Sunday Song. Please keep them coming! They do inspire.

  3. Thank you for the song.

  4. Your company should have opted for installing a factory rebuilt tranny instead of paying a company to acquire the parts for a fix. I made the same mistake of the local mechanic rebuild which failed 6 months later, only later to get a factory rebuilt with a warranty. Be safe out there.

    1. This repair is covered under warranty therefore the parts come from Freightliner.

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